My Tango!!!!

  1. I must be part psycho!!! I'm sitting here on the sofa surfing the web... My DH is sitting across from me and we are watching TV, just as normal and boring as you please...
    Then I click on my ebay auctions, and in no time at all I win an auction for a musette tango. No screaming, shouting, no emotion whatsover. My DH doesn't have a clue... I cannot believe how I could be so quiet about something so cool. Am I really that horrible. (I have enough $$$ in my account.):whistle:
  2. Lol, nope not horrible at all. Congrats!
  3. I have to say, I love my tango. I have so many bags but this one is turning out to be my most popular. I use it only for vacations. It is the perfect size to fit all my essentials in and I even climbed the highest pyramid in Mexico with my tango. I could either leave it in a pile with all our other stuff on the ground in front, or make the strap as long as possible and wear it messenger style and it climbed to the top with me. Last week it went all over Costa Rica with me including the pouring rain and she is so perfect. I am quickly getting very attached and now that I'm home I usually move back into my big b bag or paddy, but I am so fond of my tango that I think I'll carry her for a few more days until the next vacation. Congrats, you're going to love her.
  4. I love the elation that comes from winning an auction- it's less exiciting now that I use a sniping service but I lose less auctions and pay less!
  5. LMAO! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. Beatlefanmom ~ I Have The Musette Tango.....You Are Going To Love It! I Am So Happy For You!!!

    ValleyOppressed ~ Isn't Snipping Great?! I've Been Using It On & Off For 3+ Years...It Makes Life So Much Easier!