My Tanger Outlet trip today~~~PICS~~~


Aug 21, 2008
I did not know that my HG bag would be a signature one or that it would be so tailored but it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I purchased the bag and matching capacity wristlet but already had the little mini skinny. I also scored the globe FOB. The outlet had nothing impressive and anyone thinking of going to the Williamsburg location should hold out until the new floor set comes. I was told by my FAV SA that it would be early Oct. I returned my previously purchased heritage stripe tote and wristlet in on this set and KNOW I made the right decision! Now I'm going to BAN MYSELF until my birthday when I think I'll get the black on black sig ZOE.
~~~Also a few extra pic's added to my photobucket!!!~~~

do not post links to your Photobucket anymore. You have things listed as for sale there and we do not allow this.
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