My tan PG dolce has arrived!!!

  1. omg, this bag is BEAUTIFUL! i love the size of the dolce, but the straps were a bit short than i thought! nonetheless, i LOVE it and it was the perfect birthday present :yahoo:

    here r pics


  2. congrats!!! it's beautiful!!!! where did u get it from?
  3. nice placement :]
  4. i bought it from someone, hehe
  5. Congrats!! :yahoo: I think the dolce is adorable but the strap is too short for me, the bag armpits me. :sad: So I have to stick w/the bigger bags!! :p
  6. yea i was afraid of that too but i have pretty skinny arms so it works out well :biggrin:
  7. it's pretty nice
  8. It is a BEAUTIFUL bag!! Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday!!!