My Sylvie reveal

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg i have been eyeing the Sylvie bag since it launched. It has the most gorgeous hardware and the colors are true to Gucci. After years of wanting Gucci the one bag I liked enough to buy!! The store had red, black and navy, but I wanted white or pink. Pink medium is to be pre-ordered only in Saks to be delivered by November! Baby blue also expected. Of course I could not wait that long. I ordered white on to be delivered in a few weeks since it was sold out. As soon as it arrived, I took it out and gasped at the gorgeousness and the ways in which I am my two toddler twin boys would stain the pristine white color. But I could not send it back. So I kept it for special occasions. Here it is. Photos do not do it justice!! The fabric handle was too wrinkled and cannot be tied like in photos, cannot come out to iron. So I plan to iron whole on the bag and tie a bow. The fabric handle is long enough to do crossbody but the bag looks elegant on the shoulder.
  2. Gorgeous! Love the color and the details.
  3. I :heart: it! Congratulations

    My favourite is the white too, I think you made the right decision, it's uber-chic
  4. Lovely bag and yes, perfect for a special occasion ;).
    Congratulations and enjoy!
  5. Absolutely love it :love: It's on my list of must haves. Enjoy!
  6. Such a beautiful bag! Enjoy & wear it well! :smile:
  7. Congrats! Such a beautiful bag.
  8. G
    Gorgeous! Im currently eyeing on this bag
    What do you think of this bag? Do you need to baby it? Any color transfer