My Sydney Gucci Sale LOOT pics!!!

  1. I've always stayed away from Gucci because of the HORRENDOUS service I always receive. But I seem to realize that everytime their service is nice I always end up buying something. So i guess it's not a bad idea to keep having lousy service

    Anyway I went on the 1st day of the Sydney sale, but i saw NOTHING i liked. I almost got a pair of kitten heels with webbing but I figured that it's gonna be another half a year before I can wear it out withuot FREEZING to death. So yeah, i just walked away with nothing.

    Today I went to the other Gucci store @ the rocks to do some duty free shopping and I was so surprised at the selection. THey had so much more stuff there. So, i ended up buying a pair of sneakers, coin wallet & my bf got a phone strap(not on sale). he wanted to buy it for ages but they were always out of stock.

    i also ordered a pair of the most boring and plain pair of ballet flats.
    i am kinda boring...i'll post pics if i end up getting it!
    I present to you my Sale loot.
    *edit: i wanted to include a lot of pics but i can't put more than 8 images.*

    Does anyone know why they changed the bags? eww i dont like them at all. they look greeny and not classy at all

    My sneakers. The last pair in the store in my size. I saw this at the other store but they told me it wasn't on sale. but it actually is!!! this is fate. they had the exact same pair in baby pink but i think white is so much more functional.


    The phone strap. This was the only colour left at the store. It looks very cool on guys. Great as a pressie :amuse:


    [​IMG]LOOK! my dog is so nosy. she won't let me take pics of her when i want to, but when i ask her to go away shoo, she will stick around.

    The cute little coin pouch. this was only $170 and the heart shaped zip top was what caught my eye. they had the exact same one in guccisima green, purple pink & navy same price too. too bad i can't afford them all . I like the size of this, it's much more bigger than the LV cles.



    Totally unrelated. My BF got this pair of sneakers a few weeks ago.
  2. I love those shoes! Now I want a pair.
  3. I love that phone strap. You got some good stuff congrats.
  4. very cute sneakers. i got a pair for my bday. will post them up soon.

    Congrats great loot
  5. I like the phone strap and the adorable coin purse. :yes:
  6. Cool loot! :P
  7. I love the stuff! The shoes are nice, and the strap and the pochette-thing is really cool. And your dog is so cute :smile:
  8. i love the little coin pouch, so cute!
  9. congrats! i am loving your selection!
  10. Love your stuff...LOVE YOUR DOG EVEN MORE....HE/SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! my mom freinds has a sharpei ...they are sooo CUTE!!
  11. hahhaa thanku. when u ignore the slobber and the stink they can be pretty cute and lovable, when they want to. :graucho:

    thanku she was just butting her head in everywhere. maybe she likes gucc itoo .
  12. does yours have skin problem as well??? I know my moms friends dog has skin problem and she says sometimes if not maintained constantly it can smell...
  13. she does have skin problems but not very serious ones.
    just occassionally she will there might be a red spot or two. and the thing is i've no idea what causes them but it usually goes away after i apply stuff on her.
    she doesn't have that much rolls on her either so i can't figure out the smell. but overall she doesn't stink too bad but definitely compared to other dogs, she gets smellier easily
  14. Gorgeous buys! I love it all
  15. I like your sneakers and your dog is soooo cute :rolleyes: