my sweetie brought me home a present today!!

  1. So the SO had to take a job two hours away, and stays there 4 nights a week. So, the past few weeks have been horrible for me. I can't sleep at night, because all the noises scare me and I'm not used to being by myself at the house. I've been zoning out at work and school. Needless to say this week has been terrible, I've been feeling out of place at school. My part time job that is supposed to be stress free has been a pain. I've been trying to keep a positive attitude with everyone, until yesterday when everything fell apart. Rather than dwell on all that bad stuff..., here is the unexpected present I just got!!



    I haven't bought a coach scarf in a while.. I would love to know the Coach ladies opinions on it!

    The nano is soooooo small and cute. I am going to load it up right now!
  2. How sweet of your SO!!!! It will get easier, I know it doesn't seem that way, but it will. Chin up!
  3. awww thats so sweet of you SO! You're a lucky girl! Hope you get used to SO's work situation soon :heart:

    I love the scarf and the iPod! This is the new version that just came out today, right? Congrats!
  4. Congrats!! Luckyyyyy
  5. Thanks guys! My SO's work situation is NOT permanent thank god, but still really hard for me!

    And YES this is the new NANO its so short and stubby.. I love that it plays videos, it will be perfect to carry around school.

    I guess I can donate my shuffle to my little sister or a friend!
  6. aww thats so sweey.. I love them Congrats!!!
  7. That's so sweet of him...that Ipod looks really cool!
  8. thats so sweet of him..the new ipod nano looks super cool!
  9. Some comparison pics.


  10. That was very thoughtful of him. Enjoy the gifts!!
  11. Very cool.
  12. Both items are gorgeous!
  13. thanks caitlin! You are going to LOVE the nano. I have loaded it already. My music video's look so cute on it! There is this really neat gameshow music trivia game on it also!
  14. I started a poll on what ipod I should get, and after thinking about it and seeing the pictures of yours, I decided I want teal.

    The black on black kind of bothers me and the teal/white combination reminds me of a shiny Tiffany's box.
  15. Wow, how sweet of him!! Lucky girl!!!