My Sweet Punk glances

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  1. I went to the sadly tiny Marc Jacobs shops in Caesars Forums this last week. I wish they carried Marc by Marc as well :crybaby:

    The Sweet Punk line was in the display case, but none were really out. I asked to see a small pochette cosmetic bag which I felt would have been fun as a clutch. I loved the leather but it was a bit too heavy and pricey for its size. I really wanted to love this line more, but the studs really seem to weigh the bags down. :s The colors however are very fun and vibrant in person!

    So for me... it's a mixed review and won't be on my shoulder this season. :shrugs:
  2. The leather is excellent. =)
    The care tag says that SWEET PUNK bags are hand made including the studs (painted and placed on the bags manually).

    SWEET PUNK Cosmetic Pouch is $495. If we were to compare its price to other MJ Small Leather Goods, it's not pricey at all. SOFT CALF Zip Clutch is $395 and QUILTED Zip Clutch is $450, the leather of SWEET PUNK is much better (softer and more luxurious for sure).