My sweet little Christmas treat

  1. So we took this

    to this

    to this

    came out with this

    in the orange bag, is this..


    I love it! she is so pretty!

    Wish everyone a happy holiday. Merry Christmas!
  2. Where is this gorgeous place! Also is that your little boy carrying a H bag!!! Thanks for sharing wonderful pics, Fesdu!!
  3. Wow, that is one fabulous bracelet!! I love it!!!

    The scenery pics are fabulous, too!!
  4. That's WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing that! And have a wonderful Holiday yourself!
  5. Very nice!!! :love: Congrats!!
  6. LOVE the cockpit shot Fesdu!!!! OMG - I need to travel RIGHT NOW - I have SUCH wanderlust for adventure this minute!! Thank you for that fabulous little pictorial adventure - I am ready to book a two seater or seaplane this minute to a very exotic island!

    p.s. love the pic of your men - and of the littlest one carrying the big orange bag - adorable!
  7. What an adventure for an afternoon, Fesdu! The Fesdu family is looking really neat. :tup:Merry Christmas and your bracelet is gorgeous!
  8. thank you tokyo girl, kalliegirl, ATG, tricia, Katel, and Mrssparkles!!:heart::heart:
    tokyogirl: that's St Barth. I love that little town Gustavia.
    Katel: thank you for your very sweet words!! I am such a travel bug, and it's the best when travel mixes w/ H!
    Mrssparkles :heart::heart: !
  9. Beautiful enamel fedsu!!! I love the colors - great choice.
  10. OHHHH How pretty, Many Congrats!! I loved the pics, esp. being on board!! The pics of bracelet are better than IRL.!!And, a Beautiful Beautiful Place! A Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
  11. O wow what a great Christmas trip! couldn't be better and your bracelet is just gorgeous! congratulations and wish you a HAPPY happy Christmas.
  12. Merry Christmas Fesdu! What a great bracelet! Beautiful place! I wanna go!:cry:
  13. Oh, the breath taking journey, Fesdu! :yahoo:Beautiful eagle eye view AND the close up :love:. Your bracelet is gorgeous, I love the motif! Merry Christmas!
    P.S.: Is that Fuchsia Ostrich Paris-Bombay I spot??:wtf::drool:
  14. Fesdu ~ Wow!!! What A Lovely Time.....Gorgeous Piece & The Two Handsome Boys!!!!!!!
  15. Beautiful bracelet! I want a holiday like this too. Merry Christmas!