My Sweet Feet (slippers) pre-xmas Sale (as seen on Desperate Housewives!)

  1. I just got an email about this this morning and ordered 3 pairs for xmas presents!
  2. hi, how much was shipping?
  3. I think it depends on where you are located. For aussies it's about $6-$9
  4. They are sooooo cute, but I'd really like to have my toes covered :smile:.
  5. Those slippers are adorable and would make great stocking stuffers.

    I believe international shipping is $25. I may be wrong though, but it's listed on the site. =)
  6. Oh I guess its not worth it internationally unless you buy a few pairs. I bought 3 and it was the same shipping cost as 1 pair. Plus they come in cute little boxes - I'm a sucker for things that come in cute boxes...
  7. the website isn't working for me..
  8. Those ARE really cute! Too bad they do not have any with covered toes. Who wears them in desperate housewives?
  9. ^^ It say's that Bree's character wears the white/blue ones