MY SWEET Boyfriend's gift


Jul 28, 2006
Few weeks back, i asked you guys which speedy is perfect for mom, because she was planning to buy one for christmas( MONO or MINI LIN.) and many of you voted for MINI LIN which I also liked for myself. I told my Boyfriend about how jealous I was that mom is having a new bag and i also mentioned from what collection and the style. He just said that mom and I could just share bags and just borrow it when she's not using it.blah.blah.blah..

Few days after,he surprised me with a MINI LIN Speedy :yahoo: He said he remembered that particular bag and just thought of christmas and our first year together which will be on JAN. 5. He was even apologizing that he only got one gift for two occasions, but it really doesn't matter to me coz this gift is enough and made me so happy. Mom was suprised too I got the MINI LIN before her and she just have to get the MONO which is also as pretty.:yes:

I love love this gift.:love: :love:


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