My surprising Ebay seller response....

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  1. I've been buying handbags off the bay for a little while, and so far have had good luck with it.:smile: I've been watching for a Sabrina that I wanted, so when I saw it at a reasonable price and the seller had only 1 stock pic, I emailed to ask for addl. pics. He sent one to my email and I then asked for more, including the creed. Here's the surprising response I received....

    Unfortunately we cannot provide you with more pictures of this purse.
    Please understand that we have a business to run and we cannot take pictures each time a customer requests it.
    The Coach creed is inside the bag and as far as I can see there are no scratches, scuffs or marks on the bag.
    We guarantee the authenticity of our bags 100%, and the highest level care is taken of these bags from the moment we receive them until the moment we ship them to our customers.
    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Is this a remotely normal response?? Like I said, I've only been purchasing a little while, and if I was a seller, I surely would NEVER reply like this to a prospective buyer!! "We have a business to run..." WTF??:wtf:

    Oh well, they obviously won't get MY money, but geeze, never expected that.
  2. Wow, that's crazy and certainly not a great way to run a business! Um, are you supposed to be reassured that the Coach creed is actually inside of the bag? Even the fake bags have fake creeds on them. I certainly wouldn't buy from a seller that only has a stock photo and then refuses to provide the style # and additional photos when asked.
  3. Sounds like this seller is relying on bids from unknowing buyers who just want the Coach name, not a true Coach collector. Just because you say the bag isn't fake, doesn't mean you're telling the truth!
  4. Doesn't running a business include things like communicating with customers? My guess is these are fakes and they know it, and are just trying to limit themselves to buyers who don't know any better or don't care. What a jerk!
  5. Whattt??????????????????
    For sure they don't know how to run their business.
    Just avoid, no pics=no buy!!!!!!!
  6. I agree with every comment that you guys have made! It's like he was saying "hey, I checked the bag for you, so just trust me and buy."

    It reminded me of being on a date in my teens with some slick guy saying "...hey just trust me baby~~." :weird:
  7. It was better you than me. I'd probably tell them "And that's why you wont get my business" along with a few choice words. But that's just me're smart not to purchase. That's a terrible seller IMO
  8. Well, I did respond, but nicely...said something like--sorry for your response; won't purchase unless I can view the actual bag; will buy the same item from a more cooperative seller.

    Strange thing is he probably could have shot a couple more pics in less time than it took him to compose that response. Oh well, poor business practices for sure and a good lesson in what to avoid.
  9. Wow I hope these resellers are not so busy going to the outlets to pick up new stock everyday that they have no time to take a few pics for potential customers. I am just imagining these guys with a roomful of Coach bags all stacked up, doing business.
  10. :lolots:
  11. In the time he took to type that paragraph, he could have taken & emailed the pic. Go figure...
  12. So odd!! Better safe than sorry!!
  13. hmmmmmm........that logic makes no sense. If they can't be "bothered" to send pics to a potential CUSTOMER, then they don't have a BUSINESS. :weird:
  14. I agree with all of you. And the thing that surprised me the most is that his "company" has a 100% approval rating. I just don't get it.:confused1:
  15. OMG! That happened to me too. I can't say it was the same person, but I asked for more pics of a Coach handbag and got exactly the same response. Not very reassuring... The good sellers take pictures of every angle, the creed, and the lining. That's what I think should be "enough" pictures to make an informed decision. And... if you request pictures, you should receive pictures in a timely manner. THAT would be running the business... Sorry that happened to you!
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