My (Surprise) Graduation/Birthday Gift & Story!

  1. So I just got my EB City today so I'm already ecstatic and swooning with bal fever... But when I come back to my room today from a friend's apartment, I see a UPS "missed you" note on my door and saw that it was left with my neighbor. I wasn't expecting anything to be delivered via UPS so I was really curious... Lo and behold, I go to my neighbor's room and the package is from Bal NY?!?! :confused1: I was pretty sure I didn't order from them, but I tore into the package anyway!

    AND IT WAS THE BEST KIND OF SURPRISE EVER!! A brand new RH BLACK CITY! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    But how could this be since I didn't order it? So I opened the envelope and in it is the receipt, etc. But also in the note, she says "For your graduation and belated 21st birthday..." or something (I couldn't really read the handwriting, haha).. So I'm thinking that this has to be family, so I called my mom and it turns out that my parents bought me an early graduation & belated birthday gift! They went big this year because we don't normally do birthday gifts and I'm graduating college--turns out my mom does listen to me when I talk about random things like bag wants! I was hysterically screaming on the phone! She couldn't believe it got here so quickly and I couldn't believe I had another bbag!

    All in all, a FANTASTIC day!

    Thanks for reading my looong story and here some pics! The leather is just gorgeous! I usually like the bags with the shiny/glazed look, and this just has a minor sheen but it suits it so well! And the leather is quite thick... I cannot wait to break this in! I've never owned/wanted a black bag before, but already I can tell this is of another species than any other black bag! :love:




    Please ignore my random outfit, I was in the process of putting on my comfy dormroom clothes...
  2. Wow. Fantastic.
    Enjoy! :tup:
  3. Wait...where's the EB?? :nuts:
  4. WoW Congrat!!!!! The best surprise EVER! Happy belated birthday
  5. Oh that city is beautiful!! But where is the EB??????? We want to see!!
  6. Yes, where's the eb?! :smile:

    It looks fantastic! I love black city bags! What an awesome and sweet surprise!
  7. Oh that's okay dukechickie, I just found it on another thread. It is gorgeous too!!!
  8. WOw! What an amazing day for you!! Congrats!! :flowers:
  9. There's nothing like a classic black city bag. :heart: Plus I LOVE the leather on yours. It look so smooth and thick! This is good news since I want to buy some black '08 accessories. Hopefully the leather will be just as nice!
  10. Very very nice, Congratulations on your birthday and graduation.
  11. congrats!
  12. The leather looks so scrumptious!!! CONGRATS on both your birthday & graduation!!!
  13. That is such a great surprise! Your parents are so sweet! Congrats (on the bag - and on graduating)!!
  14. WOW! 2 Bbags in ONE DAY?! You lucky girl!! Congrats--both your EB and Black RH Cities are GORGEOUS!!