My Surgery Experience in Opera Plastic Surgery


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Feb 14, 2017
Hi guys, i want to share my surgery experience in Opera Plastic Surgery
About Opera : location is in front of Gangnam Station. They have 6 Specialized medical teams and 2 Anesthesiologists.
Surgeries I did : eyes, nose and face contouring.

I was exchange student in one of University in Korea. Before i was not satisfied with my face, especially my face shape. How can i know about Opera, my Korean friend introduced me there. She did double eyelid surgery there and i like her result. So i went there with my friend. The clinic looks good and clean, the employees were beautiful and looks nice. I did consultation with chinese beauty consultant (i'm from hongkong, they also have english, indonesian and another language interpreter) and after i met the surgeon.They were so nice even i asked a lot of questions :P

I took ct pictures for face contouring.
For breast augmentation I did with Dr.Kim, he recommended me exactly like I thought, he said I should do cheek bones reduction. For square jaw, he recommended me to do long curve square jaw surgery and advancement genioplasty.

After face contouring, I got consultation for eyes and nose with another surgeon. I thought I will get all consultation with one surgeon but in Opera, they do consultation and surgery with
specialized doctor in every part which is a good sign and show that they are professional. So I got face contouring with FC specialized surgeon, for eyes and nose i did with specialized surgeon in this part too.

For eyes, I used to heard that I have loose eyes that make me look sleepy and the doctor said I have big space between my eyes. So he recommended me to do non incision ptosis correction and epi (inner fold surgery). For nose, he recommended me to do nose bridge + nose tip and alar reduction because he said I have short and big nose :sad:

About budget :
Face contouring : cheek bones + square jaw + chin : $7000
Eyes : non incision ptosis correction + epi : $2000
Nose : nose bridge + nose tip + alar reduction : $2600
I was very very surprised about the prices, because it was cheaper than I thought.
Actually the original prices were more expensive, they gave me a lot of discount because I did a lot of surgeries.
But because it’s cheap, I worried about the Surgeon, maybe they are not good and the facilities are bad too. But the beauty consultant and the surgeons were nice, my friend result was good, and there was a lot of local costumers who waiting for surgery. So i trusted them and i made decision in this clinic.

I did surgery with general anesthesia. I was touched when I did anesthesia because the Anesthesiologist stayed with me during the surgery, she made me feel better and less scared.

For recovery care like swollen etc, I got service for free continuosly until I became better.
Conclusion :
- the hospital fasilities are good
- the surgeons and the beauty consultant are friendly
- low price
- good service of Anesthesiologist
- great after care service
- friendly private interpreter
They took care of me from before surgery until i finished my recovery.

And about the results??
I’m so so satisfied with the results and great services for after care that’s why I write my review in this forum :P
Now i'm trying to contact them again and some clinics for breast augmentation (i already back to hongkong now), i hope they will give me big discount. I will share my experience again after i decided which clinic i will go. Hope my experience help you guys :P


Jul 5, 2016
Thanks for sharing your experience :smile:

May I know the quote you got for breast augmentation? I'm comparing prices before I schedule consultation.


Lovely peach (재미없어)
Nov 29, 2016
Damn this clinic is clever haha. Reason why so many people went there was for the price. Then they noticed results were good too so, yeah
You've been so brave undergoing all these surgeries, congratulations. Glad to hear another happy ending with Opera.
Wish you a quick and good recovery, take care :smile:


Lovely peach (재미없어)
Nov 29, 2016
Thank you Lovelypeach, keep share with us if you have any information about plastic surgery :P
Nothing much lately, just always the same clincis people rave about haha like every year
I just noticed that Opera has been particularly... everywhere haha so I might give it a try since they appear to be so good this year


Feb 15, 2017
the price is very cheap. is that the price for all doctors? and please recommend doctor who is the best for rhinoplasty. I want to consult for rhino in opera too.
thank youu


Aug 19, 2016
There's few reviews about this clinic and right now seems good with their foreign patients
I've popped by without an appointment on Saturday, was full of locals and they said that it'll be best to make appointment first.
I'm for sure going to revisit them and have a consult


Mar 7, 2017
Does anyone know anything about Dr. Kwon from Opera for incisional des? I was recommended him by a consultant but can't find out much about him...