My Super Sweet 16

  1. Does anyone else watch this hilarious show ?

    The sickest episode's for me were, Bjorn's red carpet fashion show,
    & Lerverts Daughter, at her Birthday Party.

    These kids are too much. :lol:
  2. I have watched many of them by chance and they really draw you in. It just blows the mind. I remember one and it seemed like sky was the limit. She was Middle Eastern I believe and part Jewish...divorced parents...she never followed whatever she wanted. Daddy was quite old to have a child her age I thought, but gave her everything. It was more like planning an upscale wedding, but with young kids. She looked much older than 16, but acted like a child.
    Many of the girls are disrespectful and quite rude. They have not been raised properly and it shows. It sure will be hard in life for them if mom and dad doesn't continue to fill their pockets.
    It is another world.
  3. I love watching it because their so selfish and superficial. It makes me enjoy what I have. I can't believe the girl who was adopted acted the way she did. Atleast her parents bought her a used BMW instead of a new one. No 16 y/o deserves a new car, because most can't appreciate them and wreck them eventually. I know I did. I never appreciated anything until I bought it for myself.
  4. I loved that one where the girl freaked out bc her parents wouldn't buy her a Range Rover/Land Rover~
    I think they did in the end just to shut her up!
  5. I thought the funniest one was with that girl Sophie, she was so spoiled that I wasn't even jealous of her wealth!
  6. Ya, she was from Iran...I think her name was Ava...she was quite and act :nuts:
  7. I have only seen one of these episodes and I did not care for it. I think that it was the same episode Kellybag referred to in her post. The girl was so spoiled and in most parts of the episode I was very embarrassed for her. The whole time I kept thinking her parents should be ashamed of themselves that they allowed their child to become such a spoiled individual.
  8. I think that show is sooooo sad. I know all the kids watch it in my 12 year olds circle. It sad because I think the younger set really believe this is how people live. I also find it hard to believe all these girls have naturally big boobs. Some of them were huge! Can you say implants! I heard that breast implants are one of the top high school graduation gifts from parents.
    PS But I do enjoy watching it. Its my dirty secret! LOL
  9. I watched one show by chance and it made me sick. Those kids seemed to flaunt how poorly they treated their parents. I do know that editing can change things around a great deal, but I thought it was just awful. Very sad commentary on raising teen-agers.
  10. I've watched the one episode with the girl from Roswell who used to be poor but then moved to California and ended up being super rich.. and wow she was a real piece of work. She invited her friends to come from Roswell just so they could "tell everyone back home how rich I am right now.. they're going to die." She starts shopping for her dress, goes to the same store that Paris Hilton shops in and goes, "I'm going to be hotter than Paris." And she ends her party with saying "I just wanted to be the most popular girl.. and now I am!"

    Deep.. real deep :lol:
  11. I love this show! Even though they're really superficial and spoiled, I just can't get enough. On Mondays, my sister and I would always sit down at 10 for Laguna Beach then My Super Sweet 16. I wish I could have a party like that! My sweet 16 is in less than 6 months!!!!
  12. The worst for me is "Jazmin." The girl who got adopted by very wealthy parents after having spent most of her life as a foster child. Considering she has known what it's like to be in humble circumstances, you'd think she'd be a kinder, gentler, more understanding person. Nope...
  13. My scentiments exactly. Most eastern parents are strict but hers WEREN'T! She got on my last NERVE! They ALL get on my nerves. And Sierra's party was just GHETTO FABULOUS. What a hot mess....
  14. i watch it, yet another dirty little secret...LOL. these mtv shows just suck me in, so out there
  15. eeeee I just cant do it! I hate that show. It annoys me way too much. I'd sooner watch the golden girls!