My super rad Chanel cuff!

  1. YAY! Finally, I bought my cuff :cool: I have small wrists, so it's a little big, but I love it! :heart:

    Here are some pictures :graucho:

    ChanelCuff.jpg ChanelCuff2.jpg
  2. You finally got it!! Yea for you!
    It looks perfect on you!
  3. Cute! How much was that?
  4. way cool :yes:
  5. Thanks guys! :heart: :cool:
  6. Congrats, it's impressive.:biggrin:
  7. That is great, Cristina!
  8. I'm so happy you got the cuff you've been wanting, Cristina! Congrats! It's a beauty!
  9. That's so chiq! I love it ::love:: Congrats
  10. Very hot, Cristina!
  11. Shut up! I LOVE IT! Congrats
  12. I love it cristina!! Congrats!!!
  13. ooo! its so mod! looks hot on you!!! if only I was young enough to pull that off!
  14. I :love: it Cristina!!! It looks fabulous on you!!
  15. Don't be silly, I'm sure it would look great on you! :graucho: Now all I need are super long lashes, black liquid eyeliner, nude lipstick and a shift dress :P