My super Miu Miu wallet, please tell me if it's not cute..

  1. This is my new baby Miu Miu wallet..Isn't it cute?
    And I love that color. Miu Miu simply the best as always.
    miumiuwallet.jpg miumiuwallet2.jpg
  2. I really like it! miu miu is just the best (besides Prada of course hehe).
  3. oh how lovely!!! lavender is huge this season!!!
  4. its very cute!
  5. love the color! and it is very cute indeed!!
  6. i like it... it's a nice punch of color you can put in any purse! Good choice:smile:
  7. Thank you to you all...I usually have black wallets but this time I bet on lavander:tup:
  8. love it!
  9. It's gorgeous! I like the gold contrast on it too :smile:
  10. really nice. i saw one in coral so pretty too! miu miu does the best colors..
  11. It's VERY nice :smile: Congrats!! :smile:
  12. I frickin' LOVE the color combo!
  13. I love the color and the style! Why would you think it would possibly be not cute?
  14. Maybe it's not coordinate with the bags I have..but I appreciate it as well:drool:
  15. Oh I really like it...the color especially..congrats!!