My SUPER Early 40th Birthday Present Reveal!

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  1. I just got it today, I was supposed to get it tomorrow, but luckily I was home to sign for it. I bought it now to beat the price increase, and even though there are votes for and against me doing this, I am going to have my lovely other half hold it for me until my actual birthday. :cloud9:
    Who's around to see?
  2. Me but you definitely should just enjoy it now and not save it!
  3. This already gives the brand away, I know :lol:

  4. I want to see!!
  5. I'm here! And it's so cute that you want to keep it for your birthday :smile:
  6. :popcorn:
  7. Here is an up close pic! And I totally understand the reasons why some folks say "wear it now". I might. Still undecided!

  8. :whistle:

  9. Sooo cool! Are you wearing it on the same wrist as your love?
  10. Love it!! Is it comfortable?
  11. I called my favorite SA from the Cartier in SF and tried to use my Red Card. Unfortunately, after 12 months of no use, they close your account. I had no idea, and neither did my SA! So I used my credit card to get points. I couldn't decide between yellow or rose gold, so I decided that whichever one they had in stock would be the one that I would choose. They had the yellow gold in stock, and I was totally cool with that. Sometimes, I like to have fate decide on whimsical things like these. I am crazy, I know :roflmfao:
  12. Gorgeous! I also think you should enjoy it now though :P
  13. :love: it's sooo pretty! Wear it in good health!
  14. Love it! Happy 40th birthday to you! Next year I am changing the date of my birthday. I figure I can celebrate me whenever I want. So out with the old and in with a new. Why not celebrate your birthday now? It's all about you!
  15. I find this ring incredibly comfortable. I went down a 1/4 of a size upon the suggestion of my SA, he said that these rings run a bit large. It is a perfect fit. The head of the nail does dig, but I don't feel it. I find if you flip it a certain way, so that the head is closer to the base of your finger, it digs less. It has a good heavy weight to it. My love is white gold and on my left wrist, so I think I shall wear it on my right hand.