My super duper coach deals!!!

  1. I just started my coach collection recently after the big Dillard's sale on Jan 1. Well I just added the attached 5 pretties to my collection for super cheap at the outlet - the total was about 312 w/o tax. Pics were borrowed from the internet as my camera is on the fritz. I can't wait until the next outlet sale - will they do anything special for president's day?

    This is my first post and I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Although it may tempt me to add more to my collection. I love these bags as they are a little smaller than the normal Hamptons medium carryall that I use (one in black leather and another chocolate brown embossed stripe) which I am sure my back thanks me for!!

    I have my eye now on the legacy collection although is it possible to ever get a decent deal on them?
  2. Lucky You!!! 312 is like the price of 1.5 of those bags!!!

    what outlet was this?
  3. It was the north georgia premium outlets - I got very lucky but they did seem to have alot of stock. I even was able to convince my mom to get two really cute swingpacks which look great on her and a mini skinny. She was carrying her credit cards in a tiny plastic ziploc bag which was driving me crazy :smile:
  4. I love your black and khaki hobos! Did you find the smaller size at the outlets? I have looking for the larger size at a good deal forever! Congrats!
  5. Oh I am so happy for you! You got an amazing deal! Congrats!

  6. Yep - I did find them at the outlet - I think they may have also had the larger sizes as well - can't remember if it was the same soho hobo though. It may have been 199 - 40% off this past weekend for the bigger bags but I don't really remember.
  7. Wow, what amazing deals and beautiful bags!! :smile:
  8. awesome deals. I'm planning my first outlet adventure soon I hope I find some deals like that!
  9. Wow great deals!!!
  10. Wow, $312 for all of 5 them! What an amazing deal, lucky you!! Congratulations!
    Welcome to tPF!
  11. Congrats- you really scored!
  12. LOL! Your mom is so cute!! Glad you convinced her to ditch the baggie!:tup:
  13. wow..$312 for all of those bags!? what a deal!!
  14. wow.. you got some great deals!!!! :nuts: Welcome!!!!! :yes:
  15. Wow...what a great deal!!! I wish I visited my outlet this past weekend...but I hate going there on weekends it's sooooo crowded.