My super cute patchwork tote....outlet find!

  1. Yesterday (on a whim) my sister and I decided to drive to the Cabazon, CA outlet to check out the shops. I walked into coach and there it was...a patchwork tote! It's a factory model but the quality seems just as good. It reminds me of the '04 holiday bag I totally missed out on. I'm not a big coach signature print fan but this was soooo pretty! I love all the different leather and print patches. It's a great summer bag! It has a large interior zipped pocket, a cell pocket, and a bigger open pocket. The price was right too. $299 plus extra 20% off. I also got a cute crystal heart charm for it. Anyways my husband has the digital camera at work but here's an authentic pic I found on ebay. I'll try to post my pics this weekend. The also had a small duffle and pochette style size in this as well. This is the first coach I have liked in a long time so I'm very happy with it!
  2. yay! so pretty! congrats!
  3. Yeah!!! Can you take some pictures of the inside like the pockets? I've never actually peeked inside of one when I visited the outlet. Congrats...
  4. Congratulations! Yeah that thing can hold so much, my mom has that style in all leather. Cant wait until you take pictures of the bag and the charm, they sound adorable together.
  5. That patchwork has been at the outlets the last few times I've gone...first time I haven't seen a patchwork sell out almost immediately!
  6. oooh! pretty pretty. :biggrin:
  7. Congrats!
  8. Here ya go. I'm tech imparied so I hope this works!
    th_bag1.jpg th_bag2.jpg th_bag3.jpg th_bag4.jpg th_bag5.jpg
  9. Oh, so cute! I love it!
  10. Congrats! This is one of my favorite patchwork patterns so far from Coach :biggrin:
  11. Its beautiful, congratulations! I love the sky blue interior, so pretty!
  12. Congrats.
  13. Hi! I'm wondering how many patchwork designs has Coach come out with? Is there a new one for every season?