My super cute new purse charm!!!

  1. Went shopping yesterday and I was looking in the clearance section at Khols. I spotted these adorable little photo keychains and thought they'd be perfect for a purse charm!! I switched the keychain with a gold fixture to hang it with and tada!!! What do you think?[​IMG]

  2. They are so cute.
  3. How cute!
  4. Those are soo cute!
  5. So cute
  6. Aw those are cute. My Kohls never has anything good like that.
  7. So cute a and a great way to show of the family photos.
  8. very cute.
  9. LVoely!!!!
  10. They are sweet!!
  11. Congrats, they're soooo cute!
  12. Cute! :heart:
  13. congrats! its so cute on your speedy!
  14. Awww... it is cute!
  15. Cute!