My sunny new Tess, perfect for Spring [emoji274]

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  1. I’ve been hunting down this bag in this leather texture/color combo for a while lemme tell you... very hard to come by color combo. I knew I had to get this sunny croc bag in my possession! The color is very chameleon. In most photos it’s tan with a ton of yellow/marigold undertones. I knew I wanted this color in the Tess, (even though I already have a Tess in sepia brown) because I really wasn’t feeling the new C bag [emoji1304][emoji1304][emoji1304] first off, not the make of a classic IMO, the tacky huge C is way too much playing into the logo mania trend. Also, I hate how the crossbody strap doesn’t have metal clasps but instead just buttons awkwardly on the bag. Can we also mention how Chloe never even bothered to give the bag a real name??... all the other bags since forever have always been named after a woman... not just a letter lol So all in all I went for another Tess because it’s just so versatile and beautiful. IMG_1962.JPG 2019-02-20 09:57:51.073.jpg
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  2. OMG I LOVE THIS! Do you know the official name of this color? Is it the autumnal brown? I think Chloe's croc embossed patterns for SS19 are TDF (I just got the small faye day in croc profound brown) and I am already dying for my next piece... I love the tess so i am lemming for one of the 3 croc tesses... it will very likely be this one... :biggrin:
  3. Hey! Gorgeous croc Tess! I could really really use your help as it’s pretty much my last day to decide (to return or keep) I got this same Tess in croc but in the nude color (20C Nut) and I’ve only ever had leather bags (Celine, Chanel, Chloe Nile! etc) so this Chloe Tess in croc embossed leather is my first embossed bag and I guess I need you (you have much better experience than me as I’m a relative newbie) to let me know if it’s as good quality as their regular leather Tess bags because I was taken back initially by the croc embossed it felt not as lux as the supple soft leather of my other bags and especially my Chloe Nile. Please help, persuade me why croc embossed is good, great, or bad? TIA
  4. So so soooooooo beautiful !!!!!
  5. Thank you so much! [emoji298]️[emoji1308] I definitely have to say that between my two tess bags, the croc is much more resilient to scratches and overall wear. The smooth leather is actually pretty sensitive tbh. The croc embossed is very trendy right now, but I feel that if you pick the right color combo, it’ll have the make of a classic as well.
  6. Yes! It’s called autumnal brown officially. I feel as if Chloe has very odd names to their colors but maybe it’s just me. ‍♀️ Out of all the croc colors this season, this was my favorite by far... 1) I’m super into the whole 70s yellow vibes 2) I was kiiindaaa into the woodsy green at first but then I wasn’t a fan of the green smooth leather color (everything that wasn’t croc)...
  7. 5553BA99-EF49-4BA3-A9D0-FCA52BF072F3.jpg
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  8. Facetune_05-03-2019-12-03-58.jpg
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  9. the color mix is absolutely perfect.... can imagine 1000 looks with that sweetie
  10. A little wimb [emoji172] 9B33BD79-DC52-4B69-99E0-7A253BB10F44.jpg
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  11. I also take a Laneige lip sleeping pack everywhere lol... although it's "sleeping" I love how they moisturize my lips :smile:
  12. I adore Tess, she’s next on my list. And this colour is stunning! Congrats on your beautiful bag!
  13. I know right!? It’s seriously the best! Especially this green apple [emoji520][emoji39]
  14. Thank you so much girl! It’s really such a classic and versatile bag I tell ya.
  15. Sittin pretty in Laduree [emoji497][emoji477]️ E5C8B5C4-6ABD-404B-B573-1761927D4FA0.jpg
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