My sunnies are ruined by my SA!

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  1. Hi

    I got the Evidence sunglasses when they first came out. I have only worn them for about 5 times but one of the handle is abit loose (i think it was the screw) so I CLEVERLY took my sunnies back to the store and have them to tighten the screws. OBVIOUSLY IT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE! So I spoke to my wonderful SA and she was more than happy to tighten the screw for me but the manager was happened to be there as well and he said he would do it. Obviously there wasnt any problem as this point so the manager took my sunnies away with her (out of my sight) and 5 minutes later I got my sunnies back RUINED!

    She had tightened it and she made it really really obvious by scratching the the handle where the screw was located about 10 times and the brass screw had lost the definitive 'cross' marking (now it is kind of hard to use a screwdriver to tighten it because the grip is lost) and she kindly mentioned that I could have the screw replaced when they get really worn. I was mortified when I saw the damage but I didnt want to have a fit in front of everybody so I didnt say anything and left.

    NOW I am pinching myself everytime when I look at them I feel kind of angry because I think I have the right to rage about it for the price I paid!!!

    DEAR FELLOW TPRer I dont know what to do! SHould I go down and complain? I want them to replace the handle and the screw. I dont know how this will turn out if I have a fit in the store in front of my SA, would I have to pay for the replacement even though I didnt do it in the first place? I want to have them fixed but at the same time I cant bring myself to do it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    p.s. title should have been My sunnies are ruined by the manager!!!
  2. I would of just had a fit right there so that they can do what i want to shut me up. since you left the manager could just say you did it on your own since you did not point it out right then and there. it really depends on the manager..
  3. I think you should call the store and speak directly with the manager. This way, if you have to throw a fit it will be over the phone. Good luck! I hope they fix your sunglasses!
  4. WHich brass screws are you talking about? The screw that would tighten the sunnies isen't visible on my evidences, they're hidden by the resin and brass? Sorry you're not happy with the service received though.
  5. Just be calm, if its your fav SA i'm sure it was a total accident, just ask them as it was caused by them could thy kindly replace the defects they caused or give/locate you a new pair! sorry this happened
  6. You should definitely go and speak to your SA - it clearly bothers you a lot. :s
  7. why u did not speak up front. IMO ur own fault
  8. I can't say this will be the case. However, I use to work at Solstice and we only repaired sunglasses we sold just in case we damaged them by mistake we could replace them. Since LV "fixed" your sunglasses, I don't see why they can't replace the handle since they are at fault.
    I hope everything works out for you!
  9. I would go in person to the store if its possible to remedy this. If there are customers nearby it should help as they probably do not want anybody to overhear that they will not take responsibility for something they did. Since you are comfy with your SA go to her and explain....and the stripping of the screw is very indicative to it having been repaired the wrong way.
  10. I personally would point it out to them and let them know immediately. You spent money for the sunnies, it is an honest mistake however they need to know :supacool: