My sunday tote

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  1. Hello! I just received my black Sunday Tote in RH medium size! I am new to the world of Balenciaga and have been missing out. Thank you to all with your comments and opinions, especially Liz. This is a great tote bag, good size and it fits over my shoulders.

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  2. so many congrats on your first bal! the leather looks great! can you post some modelling pics, please?;)
  3. congrats! the sunday is a great new style.
  4. Congrats. on your gorgeous tote! That's a fabulous style!
  5. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  7. LEFO1..........SIDE VIEW OF YOUR NEW SUNDAY TOTE.........BEAUTIFUL! :cloud9:
  8. So pretty! I am thinking of getting one of these also :P
  9. ooh, but but ... :useless: Modeling pics, that is :P
  10. lefo1: I am so happy you decided to go for the Sunday tote. It is an awesome and functional bag. I know that you will enjoy carrying her alot!
  11. Love your bag. Congrats! Would love to see you wearing the bag. Does it fit comfy over the shoulder? Just tried on the large at NM and it was just too big for me. This is a great size. Enjoy it.
  12. Congrats...the leather looks great!! mod pics plzzzz :woohoo:
  13. Thanks. Yes, it is very comfy on the shoulders but a bit snug. Hopefully the handle will stretch with use. This is a great size and will fit all your daily essentials. I do love the hidden magnetic closure too.
  14. I love it! It reminds me of my Shopper!
  15. love that size! congrats!