My SUNBURNED Cerises Speedy--poor baby

  1. Okay this is my THIRD purchase of the cerises speedy!! I'm NOT letting this one go (I sell then have sellers remorse, buy then buyers remorse...)!! She came for Hawaii and she appers to be SUNBURNED!!! Probably from the red dustbag! It's very light tint of red. I'm super annul about my bags (as most of us are) do you think this well blend in as she "tans" or is this "burn" here to stay in which case replace the handles?? What's the cost of having the handles replaced. I'm posting a bunch of pics as it's hard to see in pictures...
    IMG_2570.jpg IMG_2571.jpg IMG_2572.jpg IMG_2573.jpg IMG_2575.jpg
  2. a few more
    IMG_2576.jpg IMG_2581.jpg IMG_2582.jpg IMG_2569.jpg
  3. Hmmm, I'm not sure how bothered by this I would be. Overall, the handles seem pretty light.
  4. I can't see any "sunburn" looks great to me
  5. I cant really see it? I guess that is a good thing?? Its darling!
  6. I think the handles look great
  7. i cant see anything..........
  8. I think she's beautiful and the patina is really really pretty...
  9. I can't see what you mean
  10. I think that I can see a slight tint, but only because you pointed it out. If I were to see it without knowing I probably would not even notice. I am sure that it will blend as it looks great!
  11. I can't really see it, maybe try an eraser and rub it? I once had some red rubbing from a plastic shopping bag on my Speedy's handles and I just rubbed it out. There was still some light marks, but it slowly blended in with the patina, I can't see it anymore now :yes:
  12. Okay maybe I'm seeing things, I swear I think it looks a little red..but it's good to know that all of you think it looks okay:smile:
  13. that would just make me :heart: her even more
  14. awww she looks fab! :heart:
  15. It looks fine to me! Congrats on yet another Cerises Speedy! : )

    Did she come from the LV Hawaii store?