My Summit Drive is coming soon but I am nervous about patina....

  1. I have only Epi which I did not have to worry about stains or getting dirty on the handles. I am very excited to receive my Summit Drive Pomme (coming soon) but I am a little bit nervous about patina.

    I'd better wash my hands every time before I touch my new summit drive:p

    Since you are all expert with Louis Vuitton Patina, please give me your tips to take good care of my summit drive patina. :okay:
  2. Vachetta really isn't as fragile as you think. Keep your hands clean and wipe any dirt with a baby wipe and you should be fine :smile: Relax! Enjoy your bag :smile:
  3. I apply the Apple Guard rain repellent to all of my bags w/ vachetta handles. I've found that the vachetta patinas a lot nicer, and don't show rain or water spots as much, unlike my bags that haven't been treated. You may want to check other posts to see how the Apple Guard affects the Vernis leather (if at all) before you do. I haven't yet tried it on Vernis, but have used it on Mono and MC bags and love how great the vachetta holds up.
  4. You'll be fine! Please post some modelling pics of it when you get it; I'm considering this for my next purchase and would love to see it!
  5. You could spray with Apple Guard, but I would be very very careful not to get any on the vernis. Try to cover the vernis with something before you do. You can at least spray the handles easily by unbuckling them from the bag; those are probably what would get dirty the most eventually.
  6. Enjoy your bag.
  7. just use it as u normally do with ur epi bags dont worry too much about it
  8. That bag is TDF! :drool: I have to admit I'm not too good with the vachetta but the best thing I've found is don't hold it too much by hand, don't carry it right after applying self-tanner, don't leave it in the sun and get baby wipes!