My summer health and fitness plan

  1. Okay here it is:

    30 min. on eliptical med/high level on interval or challenge or hil..

    plus the pull down bar (im trying to train to be able to do a pull-up) right now the max i can do is about 70lbs....guess i have a lot of work ahead of me. i try to do 2 sets of 10, but sometime i just make it one set or 2 sets of 5....

    plus pushups. I am trying to add one pushup a day. I'll start with 5. I'll do them in the morning, day, and before i go to bed

    last i will try to touch my toes and hold it for at least 30 seconds but hopefully longer

    food: not junk food, chips, or cookies
    For me the only reason i ever eat them is because i cant be bothered to go and make a meal. This is my summer vaca so i am used to makeing quick breakfeast, buying a lunch that was already made, then coming home to dinner already made. But now i wake up late and eat junk food throughout the day then eat dinner. like today i ate waffles with jucie for breakfeast, two hours later i have a peach (which is healthy), than i have a twizzler, than i have 1/2 a bag of chips!!!! for lunch i ate a cream cheese sandwhich (reduced fat) and pepsi (not diet)

    uhhh... other teens out there how did you get back into making healthy lunches, i just like to buy them. What do you make that does not require that much work?


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    ow yes one more thing... if i am on the PF for more than one hour at a time i have running for 20 min!!!! ha that will get me for being lazy :graucho: :cool: :lol:

    also i have to start training for volleyball so i will try to hit that around for a while everyday!!!

    My plan is ha ha.....
  2. That sounds good!!! Keep us updated on how it goes!!
  3. well, i think im in the same postion as you are. im 16, and im on a fitness plan, for lunches i do 2 sliced of bread, 2 tea. of jelly, 1tbs. peatnut butter, a cup of fruit and crystal light( you know the little mini packs you put into water bottles.) thats just one example of a quick lunch it takes me like 5 min. so its no biggie
  4. kk! Thanks, i was very proud of myself because i made a healthy smoothie!!! yay me!!! and this morning i just finished doing the pull-up bar, 20 min on eliptical, and streaching!!!!!