My summer bag is here ...

  1. My summer activities consist of evenings at the ballpark or at the racetrack, boat rides, picnics on the beach, outdoor flea-markets, etc. In general, activities in crowded and less-than-pristine conditions...

    My criteria for a summer bag this year were:

    1. durable enough to take a beating;
    1. small enough to fit on my lap or next to me while sitting in a box seat or deck chair;
    2. lightweight, yet all leather (I'm not a fan of canvas);
    4. closeable, so I feel my things are safe in a crowd;
    3. reasonable in price, so when the inevitable beer does spill on it, it won't break my heart.

    Here it is! :biggrin: I searched long and hard. Made by the Rawlings Company of same leather from which they make baseball gloves. This is the small size - about 12" wide, 8" tall, 2" deep - it comes in a larger size. Zippered closure, and the inside has a key-clip and zippered pocket.

    Plain and simple. I think its adorable! Found it on eBags for around $100 - 10% off and free shipping.
  2. Cute!!!
  3. Congrats!:smile:
  4. OMG, I really like that! Congratulations! I'm going to look on eBags right now, lol.
  5. that is so fun!
  6. nice bag...
  7. Nice bag, congrats. =)
  8. Good buy! :biggrin:
  9. It looks nice! Congrats!
  10. Very good looking. That Rawlings logo just screams summer. Does it smell like a new mitt?? How cool.
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