my suede/mink YSL Mombasa (pic)

  1. In a couple of different threads about Mombasa's, a few of you asked me recently to post pics of mine. Here you go! It's brown suede with brown mink trim. It was from last year's fall/winter collection, but a YSL SA recently told me they're bringing them back again this year. It also came in black suede with black mink trim last year...
    Mombasa2.JPG Mombasa1.JPG
  2. Beautiful, beautiful bag!!! :love:
  3. Love that!
  4. Thanks ladies!
  5. Cosmo it's as beautiful as I imagined!!! Yummy :=)
  6. ^^^Glad you liked it. Thinking of getting one?
  7. Actually I'm waiting for an E/W mombasa in black leather (had one prior that I bought off ebay and resold because the seller hadn't taken care of the leather or stored it properly and it was all wrinkly :sad: I am VERY picky lol).
  8. Oh good luck Twinklette. I'm picky too, so I don't blame you for holding out for perfection. Hope to see pics of your new bag!
  9. that's a beautiful bag! :heart:
  10. How much does a bag like that go for as retail?

    And its a beautiful bag by the way!
  11. Thanks. It was $1285 (full price) when I purchased it last October from the YSL boutique in Washington. I'm not sure if the price is going up this year or not.
  12. I love the mombasa line! I've one in black/white polka dots with YSL label on the front. It's so chic.
  13. so pretty!