my style is so predictable

  1. Have you ever felt like your style is so predictable that you're bored by it?

    I went out almost two weeks straight with the same person and I felt like every outfit I wore was the same.

    I went shopping for my fall wardrobe, and I knew I was going to do this, but I only bought heels and skirts.

    Anyone else ever feel this way?
  2. yep but i think it's a good thing because that means you have your own style
  3. Yeah had that problem a while ago. Everybody recommended that I use the service of a instore stylist which is what I did. Might sound stupid but it's really helpful and it would also help you find new things you had never considered before!
  4. I think theres a difference between you thinking your style is predictable than other people thinking your style is predictable. I definitely wouldn't want the latter. Maybe its the guy you're bored of and not your outfits LOL (just kidding!! :p)
  5. I feel the same sometimes. I feel like I wear the same things all the time, and I feel it's boring. I've recently lost weight (18lb gone, 3lb to go) and am going shopping on Friday to celebrate. I think I have quite a simple style but am going to make an effort to add a few funky pieces to my loot to liven everything up a bit. An instore stylist may be a good idea, sometimes it just takes a suggestion from someone else to try something new, it stops you getting stuck in a rut. Good luck!
  6. When i start to feel this way i can't STAND it and i typically force myself to buy something totally out of character but that i also really love (one of those "love it, but not on me" items) and then incorporate it.. it tends to begin to open up a whole new world for me.. I enjoy being ever-evolving.. I find it really self empowering almost.

    Good luck and just remember to take a chance! :smile:
  7. Yeah it's a fine line between being in a rut and just knowing what you love and that it's your SIGNATURE look! Sometimes when I feel I'm in a rut I'll bring a friend with me shopping who can suggest things I might not normally try or work with an SA I've grown close to who knows my style and figure.
  8. I generally prefer a certain style, which I feels works for me. Mostly black clothes, with whites and greys for contrast sometimes. My younger sister tells me that she finds it boring, but I really don't care :p

    I guess my style is predictable, but I feel comfortable with my style - and I regularly get complements, so I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon :biggrin: