My stuff is here!!!!

  1. Thank goodness my hubby was home.. He had to sign for it. I had no idea it was even shipped yet. So it took a week from order to ship.

    The box when opened had sort of a strong scent. But aside from that I think it is awesome! Here are my new babies.

    So far as of this point I have the most items in my collection from LP! Whoa!!! I have surpassed Coach!!

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    image-670777199.jpg image-1549356432.jpg image-3332499488.jpg image-3869489266.jpg image-1449188535.jpg
  2. Oh LOVE those bracelets!
  3. Enjoy!!!!
  4. Thank you! Sorry did not wax the hairy arms yet.. Lmao!!!

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  5. Love it all! I got the same clutch but in black with the gunmetal studs. It is amazing.