My stuff from Copenhagen

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  1. So, last weekend was the pursemeeting in Copenhagen :yahoo: I got to meet some of the really sweet nordic tpf-ers (Annanas, Fiorelli (sorry if I misspelled it ), icechick and me). I didn't have as much money as I though I would, but at least I got around to buy *something* in the end. I ended up with two twillies and since I'm horribly un-photogenic, I had my cat model them for me, although I think she didn't find it too amusing. Just for the record, she is a lot cuter and healthy-looking in real life, but it's pretty much impossible to take good pictures of her, but I tried my best :smile:




    Ok, by this point she's started to get really tired of this, so these next two pics are really bad, but as said, she doesn't really look as abused and spaced in real life as she does in these pics :shame:


    "Ok, I've had it! Off to get some food!"

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  2. Thanks for sharing, sweetlove! Lovely twillys & great poses from your cat, she's a great model! :heart:

    I love this :smile:

  3. So cute! My cat would never model for me!
  4. Very nice!!!! Congrats!
  5. Aren't tPF get togethers wonderful? Good for you guys. Congrats on the new twillys. I think your model is gorgeous! What kind of kitty is she?
  6. :yahoo:Congratulations!! Your cat is so cute, even with an attitude, lol, and the twillies are adorable.

    I really had a great time meeting you and the others and hope we'll do this again soon :heart:
  7. How cute!!! Great twilly and your kitty is adorable!:love:
  8. Your twillys are beautiful & your kitty is even prettier. The blue twilly brings out her pretty yellow eyes!! Congratulations on your get together and scarves.
  9. Thanks guys :smile::shame: I was really nervous about posting because I was really worried about her not looking her best :shame: I wanted to take a pic with her with the twilly I got in London last year, but she let me know that she became pretty sick of modeling after the Tokyo scarf, so maybe I'll take one later instead.

    Ninja Sue: She's a mutt, but she has lots of Norwegian forest cat in her (according to the racial standards - if a cat looks like one and is born in Norway, it can be considered that breed, but she lacks some features, especially in the face), she also has some domestic cat in her as far as I know. She's spoiled rotten though, and she has gone blind these last couple of months, so that makes us spoil her even more :love:

    icechick: It was really nice to meet you too, so I hope we all can have another meeting at some point :yes:
  10. Fun pics!! One of my cats would and the other would not model lol!! Twillys are fun - enjoy!
  11. Thanks. It was really hard to take good pics of her (those are actually the best I got :P), but still... She pulls them off so much better than I do :P
  12. awww!

    nice twillies :graucho:

    but did you forget about poor mellecyn? :wtf:
  13. two cute twillys!! love the tokyo one
  14. annanas: OMG I did :shocked: I knew there was something that wasn't right when I wrote the post, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Sorry, sorry sorry Mellecyn, it won't happen again :shame:

    And thanks for all the feedbacks you guys :smile: I'm sure the princess (the cat) appreciates this too :smile:
  15. Sweetlove, I was going to guess that your sweet kitty is a Weegie. I have two Norwegian Forest Cats - I love this breed. I had no idea they made such great twilly models!