My stuff came thoughts

  1. Hi guys&gals,

    Anyhow I received my much anticipated items popincourt haut, pouchette wallet groom collection and mono cles. First I must start with the pouchette wallet groom it is my absolute favorite LV piece, definitely my best LV purchase ever. The wallet is stunning and roomy in person. It makes me want to get some more groom collection pieces. Anyone contemplating this wallet go for it because it is awesome and the red interior is brillant. Now for the popincourt be honest I am not in love. It is a nice bag but, I much prefer my speedy 30 to it. May send it back for the BH . Tonight I am going to think about it and see how I feel. Maybe I will try it on with some different outfits. Do not get me wrong it is a nice bag but, I wish that it was 2" longer and 2" taller. I am so use to big handbags now so, it makes it hard to downsize. Great bag nonetheless but, not sure if it is a keeper. The pouchette wallet was love at first sight. Too bad that the wallets do not come with dust covers. I want to keep this wallet in mint condition. Now for the cles it is nice and standard mono and I am going to keep it because it goes with everything and it subtle. I was going to get the groom cles but, I am not into yellow and thought that it would only go with a few things. For everyday use it would have clashed with some of my existing pieces and it would have been a tad flashy with the groom pouchette wallet. Right now I am thinking about the ronde groom change piece...I do like orange!!! My honest feedback on my purchases. If you like the groom collection do not miss out on the pouchette wallet it is soooooooo beautiful I want to cry:crybaby: tears of joy of course. Initially I was not sure if it was worth 615.00 can but, I was suprise it was sooo worth it:yahoo: . Groom pouchette wallet was my best purchase of the season and a huge suprise at that:drool: :party: .
  2. Congrats on your new additions.
    Sorry that you don't love the Pop Haut. Have you thought about the BV instead of the BH? It doesn't look as huge as the BH while being carried IMO, but still larger than the Pop Haut. Let us know what you decide :yes:
  3. Congrats on your new purchases. I really liked the Poppincourt Haut when I first got it, but I was IN LOVE with the Manhattan PM, so I end up exchanging it. I still wanted a shoulder bag, so I'm hinting DH to get me a Saleya PM. :lol:
  4. I have a BH and love it. I don't think you can go wrong with that. I find the PH a little too structured and small for me personally. Congrats on your other pieces, and I'm glad you love your Groom wallet!
  5. Congrats on your new stuff!!

    The groom wallet should have come with a dustbag. The mono cles does not.
  6. sorry that the PH isn't the size that you were looking for. i guess it's too small for you after all.
  7. it's too bad you don't like the Popincourt Haut after all :hrmm:.

    but i thought you were on the warpath for a medium bag, anyway :shrugs:. and a lot of the PFers here did testify that it is a medium bag :lol:
  8. Yes, I was going to say the same thing about the dustbag for the wallet. Call and ask them to send you one.
  9. I am happy you love your groom.
  10. I did call and ask and they said that they do not give out dust covers for wallets...I got one for the cles but,apparently they are now only giving dust covers for handbags.

    Thanks everyone for your kind compliments. Now I have to decide which bag I am going to exchange the PH for...I am thinking BH or HL....I wish I could see them in person it would make it easier...a little part of my it thinking daimer has well...this is going to be a long night trying to figure what to get...thanks again guys!!!!
  11. where are your pics???
  12. may send some but, dh will may find out then it is game over for me...
  13. Did you get the little booklet that comes with the groom items? It is a small booklet and it tells you about the collection, how it is made, and how to care for it. In that booklet, it says something like....Keep your product in its felt cover. Not sure if those are the exact words, but very close. I ordered my cles from Elux and it had a nice little felt dustbag. If it didn't come with it, the booklet wouldn't say that.
  14. We demand

    Congrats on your purchase...sorry that you don't like PH, I guess you have to try other bag like BH..

  15. No booklet or dust cover but, nice box...I will call and ask because that seems unfair to not get it after all the wallet was 615 can...what is up with that???