My stuff arrived today! Dior Gaucho Necklace + more!!!

  1. Well my mom has been gone for a week (and she came today with my aunt and uncle). She went to Thailand and ... Hong Kong..the place where I told her to get the stuff. Originally, I wanted the Dior Gaucho Belt in black washed leather, but unfortunately, my mom said they didnt have it. But instead she got me this Dior Gaucho Necklace which was the same price as the belt. :O Oh well I'm happy with this necklace (: It's a beauty ho ho ho ho ho. I dont wear necklaces but from now I definitely have something to put around my neck haha. To bad I got to pay up later...She also got me some other goodies.... Hooray this feels like christmas! And just right now my auntie gave me a Hermes cell phone strap because she hasnt seen me for awhie. How sweet :shame: I feel guilty now haha.

    Dior Gaucho Necklace

    Buberry Fragrance + Bear

    Gucci Cell Strap

    Hermes Cell Strap
  2. WOW. Those cell phone straps are really nice! Congratulations! Or Merry Christmas, lol!
  3. That's really nice.
    But why you have to go to Thailand or Hongkong to get it?
    It's not available in USA? That's why?

    I'm so happy for you.
  4. :d
  5. oh in hk theres no tax, and the price is a bit cheaper. so yay i save money 8D
  6. I like the cell phone straps! And the gaucho necklace is going to look so great with plain shirts, very nice!
  7. love the necklace! =D
  8. ahhh the burberry teddy!!! i love it! ive got one, i got mine with the limited edition burberry brit gold!
    Burberry brit is one of my favourite perfumes ever! its beautiful

    love all your goodies btw, beautiful
  9. The phone straps are just wonderful and I love love love the necklace! What a nice mom and aunt you have!
  10. Congrats!

    How much was the necklace? I :love: it!! Since you can't get it in the states, can you order it from overseas?
  11. Love the necklace. It was recently in an Elle photo shoot. Does anyone know if you can get it on this continent?
  12. Yea, beautiful necklace! What was the cost if you don't mind me asking? :love: :love:
  13. Lovely!!!
  14. i love the necklace. it looks vintage but fresh and new all at the same time. very very pretty. the rest is fab too! cute bear, london smells sooooo good and you can never go wrong with gucci and hermes. great job your mom did! :smile:
  15. eluxury currently has the dior necklaces in stock with matching bracelets and earrings! quite cute.