My Student Budget-Friendly Bag Collection (Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Vince Camuto)


Jul 21, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
Of course when I say budget-friendly, that's a relative term and means something different for everyone. I've bought a lot of these bags myself with money from my jobs, but some have been gifts from my parents. This is just what is working for me personally. I became interested in designer handbags early in 2016 and made my first contemporary designer bag purchase in August of 2016.

Here's the complete collection all sitting together:
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And in order basically by size:

I bought this wallet during the Suprise Sale in August 2016 along with my first purse. I love the color and the way the gold embossment and logo shows up against the leather.
View media item 2217This wallet also has a ton of space for cards. My only complaint is that it bulges weirdly if you put too much stuff inside it.
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I almost never use this wristlet, mostly because I keep forgetting I own it. I love my handbags so I often ignore my wristlets even if I really like them.
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I have the same problem with this wristlet. I absolutely adore it, but I don't use it as often as I would like. I feel like it's great to take out to dinner or something, but I usually am going to class or parties I would never bring a nice bag to.
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This is my frat bag. I got it like 80% off at Marshall's because the strap is broken. I don't use it too often but it's a good small bag to have. The leather also feels really nice.
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This was the first handbag I bought. I got it in the Surprise Sale in August 2016.
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I haven't used this bag in over a year, but I haven't gotten around to selling it or giving it away yet.
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This is my current everyday bag. I love the mahogany color so much and I've wanted the Maise for a while. I got this bag as a Christmas gift and bought the bag charm last week.
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I bought this bag from Marshall's in late August and love using it to go to class because it fits my laptop and a notebook and other essentials. It's a little heavy though and sometimes difficult to fit chargers along with a laptop, a notebook, a small book, pens, etc.
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This is a just a backpack. Pretty self-explanatory.
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Here's a duffel in the same pattern as the backpack and wristlet. Vera Bradley stuff is great for traveling because the quality is there, but if it gets dirty you can just throw it in the washing machine. Plus, I think if you get the right pattern (some are really ugly) they look really cute.
View media item 2235Basically, if you see a blue bandana colored mass coming at you at the airport, it's probably just me.

That's pretty much it. The only thing not pictured here is my Kate Spade laptop sleeve that I use because my VB backpack doesn't have a dedicated laptop compartment. I hope you've enjoyed looking at my collection! I know I love looking at what other people have!
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Apr 10, 2015
Love your collection! It seems like you have a lot of practical pieces that also bring you joy. I'm also a budget shopper (all my bags are from sales, secondhand or vintage) and I definitely feel that a person can be stylish no matter how much they spend. :amuse:
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