My studded Clous wallet has a studded Mommy!

  1. Got this yesterday in the mail... :nuts:!


    And a family photo of my now-reduced Bal accessories collection: :p

    10-13-07-1.JPG 10-13-07-2.JPG
  2. you have been bad!! love the clous wallets!!


    wheres that gorgeous violet coin purse??
  3. whoa! super duper cute!!!
  4. congrats! i love your clous wallets. looks cool and chic.
  5. Love them. Do you have pictures of the interior for both studded wallets?
  6. LOVE the clous line!
  7. Wow, love those clous wallets! Congrats!
  8. I love them all Spiral! Congrats!
  9. Love the clous pieces, and the other items as well!
  10. Oh dear God those are sexy.

    BTW - how does one pronounce "Clous?" Is it just like "cloud" but with an "s" or is that "s" silent? Like... "clue"

    I need to be able to pronounce it if I'm gonna go on a hunt for it. [ ;
  11. FUN collection!!
  12. very nice ... congrats!
  13. i LOVE your clous family! They are so funky, honestly, super cool. I second the request for an inside shot! :flowers:

    Fantastic accessories collection!
  14. OMG, that is a super cute mommy :love:
  15. NICE, very hot! Cool look...

    Love all your accessories, too!