My *stressful* first day of school!

  1. Today was my first day of school in Germany, and let me was STRESSFUL!!!

    School at the Univ. of Applied Sciences in Coburg starts at 8:15 am. I had planned to get up at 5:50 am, so I could get ready in a leasurely pace and take the hour that it takes for me to drive there nice and slow - without too much stress.

    So as I was sleeping last night, I woke up a few times because I was nervous I was going to oversleep. So I wake up one of those times, and look at my alarm clock (which is new) and see that it says 5:34 am. I was like "Okay, I still have some time to sleep...wait, why is it so light outside??" So I look at the other clock in my room, and it said...


    I jumped out of bed, got dressed, half-assed brushed my hair and flew out of the door. I sped the whole way there, usually 140kmph in 100kmph zones :shame: I called the main office of my department and asked if it would be a big deal if I was 10 or so minutes late, and she said no since they're having an information session first.

    I got to school right at 8:15 and ran into my building - and everyone was still there waiting, so I hadn't missed anything...Thank God!! After that, the day was pretty okay.. I looked like a slob, but I didn't have any other choice! :yucky: Hopefully I will look better tomorrow, lol.

    And the problem was: The new alarm clock I have is set up for 110/220 50/60 power. Well, i just set it to 220/60 becuase I figured that was the right thing to do. But apprently there wasn't enough power going to the alarm clock, because when I looked at it this afternoon after I re-set it, it had already lost 10 minutes in about 30 minutes time. So I adjusted it to 220/50 and now it seems to be running just fine.

    Just in case, I set my 2nd alarm clock for tomorrow too. In case one doesn't go off - the other will! :angel:
  2. Oh I hear you...I always wake up thinking my alarm isn't going to go off the night before something big like this! I'm glad you weren't late after all. and I'm sure you'll have a great sleep tonight with a little more time to get ready and not be so rushed (I hate being rushed too, yuck).

    Good luck!!
  3. Thanks :smile: I just hope nobody thought I was some sort of unkempt slob, haha. I looked horrible!

    I grabbed the first pair of jeans on the floor and the first shirt I could find in the closet. ...The shirt ended up being my painting shirt, with paint splatters all over it. haha. Jeez :\\
  4. LOL! Sounds like every first day of school I've had! at least you were able to make it there in time.
    Good luck tomorrow! Hopefully you'll have more time.
  5. LOL! You made it in time though! Tomorrow should go by smoothly for you.
  6. When i have something important to do in the morning.. i do set TWO alarms 5minutes difference.. JUST IN CASE!.. otherwise i wont be able to sleep thinking i might not hear the alarm.. i know.. its some kind of OCD!
  7. well have fun again at school tomorrow.. going to school is such a fun experience.. lol lol
  8. ohh my G-d I hate being late especially the first day of school
  9. Yikes...I had an issue with my alarm clock this morning too...I usually get up at 6:45 and leave at around 8, but today my alarm clock didn't ring for whatever reason...I didn't get up until 8:03!
  10. Don't worry, you are not the only one who has to set two alarms. I always buy clocks with the "his & hers" alarm.