My package

  1. Someone talked about them 2 weeks ago, so I checked it out and made a small purchase, just got it today. :graucho:

    hurray for cute things!




  2. I believe that was annieb :biggrin: Ooh! soo cute!! I :love: your doraemon!!! Now Im thinking of ordering some cute stuff too! :lol:
  3. Yes yes yes! do it!
    They have so much cute doraemon stuff, I took the wassabi and the buddha, but I wanted many others as well.

    The shipping was very reasonable, something like 4$ I think.
  4. I love your hello kitty keychain. It looks like I'm gonna be ordering some stuff from them.
  5. Everything is sooo cute!! I love them! Congrats!
  6. :lol: ...when I actually have time to look through the website :biggrin: theres too many things there..not great when using dialup haha...:graucho:
  7. i love hello kitty...all your stuff is so cute, snoopa. i might have to check out there site. do they have snoopy/peanuts stuff? i'm at work and can't really look right now.
  8. Blackwidow - thanks, do that. :graucho:

    Swtest2Lips - thanks =]

    vmasterz- I know! I spent alot of time picking up things into the basket and then choosing which to keep.

    meluvbags- Yeah they have some snoopy, but I'm a BIG snoopy fan and couldn't find anything really exciting. :shrugs:
  9. Stuff is cute isn't it? I tell you...that place has a million items!!! I was thinking of preordering the humping USB dog for my bro for his b'day! He would get such a kick outta that! They have lots of cute and strange things! I put stuff in basket all the time and I forget it saves it for you until next time or after you buy it....
  10. I do have to say that site is AWESOME!!
  11. Oh, that's way too cute, thanks for sharing snoopa!!!
    I was really tempted when annie b gave us the link... now I need to go back & do some damage :p
    vmasterz - buy buy buy :graucho:

    annie b - that site should give you commission for introducing all of us :yes:
  12. haha I'm tempted to buy something now... searching the site as we speak! weeee
  13. awww, how very cute :biggrin: i like hello kitty :heart:
  14. I really want the hellokitty dressed up in a boar suit, but they are all out! I also want hellokitty in a kimono, but its out too!! Do you guys know how fast they take to restock their stuff?
  15. ah i know what you mean! I wanted a cute hello kitty in a tiger suit but the one I did want was sold out! I'm actually searching all the sanrio stuff right now :lol: 700+ items I'm in the high 500s right now! YAY ALMOST DONE