My Strange Coworker :/

  1. my coworker is supposed to finish her job contract on March 31st. however, she keeps coming back to the office almost every day. i wonder why the staff in the general office has not approached her to collect the keys and ID etc. i have asked her why she's still around. she just replied, "yes i am." it seems like she'll tag around like forever. since she's no longer working here, she should not be using our resources, like air conditioning, free internet, free water, etc. but i'm not blunt enough to bug her. what should i do? any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. Is it your job to do anything about this?
  3. nope. she's sharing the same office with me. so, i think i can tell my boss about it. but i don't want to be so mean. i hope she will return the keys and leave. :girlsigh:
  4. I don't think you are being mean by bringing it up. If she has no legitimate reason to be there, then she shouldn't be.

    Then again, perhaps her contract has been extended.
  5. I bet her contract was extended or she hadn't finished a project she was supposed to.

    this reminds me of the movie "Office Space". was the guy's name Milton?
  6. i don't think so. i remember after the Easter break i saw her coming into the office and i said, "hey congrats! your boss gave you a new contract!" then she replied, "nope." i didn't pay much attention because i was going to have my long holiday then today i went back to work and i still saw her there. my another coworker said he's seeing her around every day. all in a sudden, i felt something's not right there. and i sense that she has no intention to leave. i asked her about the progress of her job hunt. she didn't respond. i know it's embarrassing to ask but i wanna make her realize she should not keep coming to her ex-office. now more i think about it, more it annoyed me :-s

    i don't know the movie. i will check it out later :smile: thanks very much for your response(s)!

  7. Reminds me of the old Seinfeld episode when Kramer just starting showing up and "working" at an office.. He was eventually fired.. Reason was "you don't work here".. It was really funny.. But that's TV.. not so funny in real life

    Since she is in your office space, perhaps casually mention it to your supervisor... "I was under the impression that Jane's project ended.. Has something changed that i should be aware of?"
  8. lol... if i still see her in the office next Monday, i will talk to my supervisor about it.
    perhaps she wanna hide herself in the office to cheat her parents she's still having a job. it's kinda sad if that is true. anyways, thank you!! i am hopeful i can get rid of her weirdness very soon ;)

  9. :roflmfao:
  10. oh boy. she's here in my office today again :panic:
  11. Unless you're her supervisor, you can't make her stay away. But I would suggest as others did that you ask your supervisor what her deal is.
  12. Are other people aware she is there? Is she there all day? You ABSOLUTELY need to ask your supervisor what's going on, and if she does not work there any longer someone needs to escort her out and take her pass/keys whatever.

    If this person is there for no reason except that they have nothing better to do that is incredibly strange and would lead me to believe she is not entirely stable. If your supervisor thinks it's alright for her to hang around - it's not.
  13. I wuld also think that would be a liability for the company to have someone there who isn't employed.. What if she "falls"? Harrasses people? Steals? Decides to sue the company for some odd thing?
  14. I agree i would totally ask your supervisor "did so and so's contract get extended because shes been hanging out here everyday"
    Maybe it was something just over looked... HR though manager was doing it manager thought HR was doing it...
  15. So, did you ask your boss if her contract was extended?