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  1. Life is to short....
  2. Huh?
  3. Elaborate please :smile:
  4. You know I tought this was a palace to talk about bags not be judged :sad: what a sin
  5. I cant even belive this post got on being that she blocked my last 2
  6. this person is a TROLL!! she/he has been posting inane threads today and yesterday. her/his speech does not make sense and has repetitively initiated nonsensical posts to get attention...

    swanky, could you block this username please?
  7. Can you just GIVE IT UP. She closed the thread because the topic has come up many, many times. She closed your 2nd thread because it was pointless. If you are not happy with it, just PM her or go on another forum where people like to read threads that don't make sense!
  8. Wow point taken thanks xx
  9. Oh I am a her Thanks and nothing I said was out of line or worth being called names that is very hurtfull
  10. Ok, you sound sad. What is your problem? I am listening :confused1:
  11. Another Drama?! :biggrin:

    skyeblue, why don't you post this instead in the Chanel Forum since it's a NON-RELATED Chanel discussion to the General Discussion where you can basically talk about anything?!

    Or you can drop a message at the Comments sub-forum

    For your comments and suggestions!

    Swanky has every reasons why she usually close / merge every topics and just want to keep things in order here. And yes, she does it with everyone else not only with you.
  12. To be honest, I think Swanky has been pretty patient with you. If something is wrong, you should be handling the situation in a different manner.
  13. I was patient, but I'm not anymore.
    I warned her once and then went ahead and still allowed her to be here after she posted about 1/2 dozen more drama posts that I had to edit or delete.

    All done!
    This Forum is my favorite because it's drama free, I intend to maintain that!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.