My story with LUISAVIAROMA . . . .

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  1. Okay ladies, I am at a lost for words . . . . I can't even begin to explain how angry, upset and fustrated I am at lvr. I have never had such a horrible experience shopping online as I had with them . . . .

    My story begins with the hope of purchasing my first medium paddington in blanc. During the presale moments, I called around all th stores and almost everybody had either no satchels in medium at all or the ones that they did have had already been presold. Since this was my first paddington, I was growing a anxious about getting one on sale. So finally I had one at a Nordstrom on hold for my in canelle.
    But since I really had my eyes set on the one in blanc, I kept checking the purse forum for deals and calling around. So finally on the exact same day that I was going to be charged for the canelle paddington, I found out that lvr had a sale going. Quickly I checked their website, and there it was a blanc medium paddington on sale. I placed my order with them, and had canceled my canelle.
    And so they notified me that first time buyers will need to go through a verification process with the bank and that it would take 3-5 days.
    My order was placed on monday, and so I waited and I waited and waited . . . . on thursday, I had checked my email and had gone to bed earlier around 10pm. This was due to the fact that I had to go to work early the next day . . .
    And so while I was on my break at work, I checked my email again and what did I find? An email from LVR telling me the verification process didn't go through and that I could pay by 5:00pm on friday THEIR TIME by paypal. So quickly I paid through paypal and realized that I had made the payment an hour late. But was that really my fault, our timezones are different, and so did they expect me to wake up during the middle of the night to check for their email, while one giving me a deadline within ONE day of THEIR TIME, which is NIGHT during my time.
    Anyways, I paid through paypal hoping for the best, figuring it probably was my fault since my bank hadn't verified the process. . . . . . and so after work I go home and guess what? There's a new message for me on the answering machine. Oh! And guess who it's from . . . my bank . . . . calling me to verify the process.
    Here's where it gets ugly . . . . or perhaps uglier . . . . and so when I realized that in fact lvr HADN'T even allowed the time for my bank to verify the payment (it was day 4 of their time out of the 5 days they said it would take) . . . . I grew extremely upset at the fact that they sent that email giving me little to no time to pay by the deadline and also sending the email before the actual 5 days, they said it would take for the process to be verified. . . . .
    Finally I called my boyfriend (oh, bless him!) and told him to call lvr since it stated on their site that they were open till 7:00 or something. So he did, and did and did and did . . . . . and why did he keep calling back? Well, the people at lvr decided that they didn't want to deal with customers at that time. And so the lady on the phone kept on saying "Idon't know anything, we're closed!!" and hung up, in the midst of my bf trying to explain the situation . . . .
    Finally I was so upset, that I had made a payment through paypal, and ALSO verified the payment through lvr's site. . . . . I didn't know what to do, I emailed lvr, and had my bf call them a bunch throughout the weekend (since the site stated they were open) but the only response he recieved was unanswered phone calls and a woman who spoke only italian (no progress there . . . )
    Through the weekend, I have never been so stressed about purchasing a bag. I angry and fustrated becuase there wasn't a way I could reach them and I wasted money trying to call them. And so I waited and waited and waited, and finally this morning I recieved an email . . . . it stated that the person had deleted my order, but had recieved the payment . . . but the bag, MY blanc paddington, had been sold in their boutique. They asked me if i wanted something else, but I replied and just asked for my refund . . . .
    Now I am waiting for a refund and I am confused and upset. I am a little happy that the situation is over with once I get my refund. But alas, I have LOST my bag over such complications that I had NO control over whatsoever! Rest assure that this will mostly likely be my first and LAST time ordering from lvr. I hope that people have better luck at their boutiques. . . . .
    So now where am I going to find my blanc medium paddington on sale? Perhaps nowhere . . . . I might as well just pay full price for it . . . . . in order from going through something like this again.
  2. Hmmm...

    What apalling customer service (not the first time they've been accused of that, I'm afraid)! I can't believe they hung up on your BF! :shocked:

    I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that and still didn't get your Paddy. :sad:

    I think they should have, at the very least, waited until the 5 days they stated were fully up, before selling the bag to someone else.
  3. Really sorry to hear this. I have ordered from them in the past and they are really not very good in answering mails. So I always called and was able to speak to someone in english which was ok.
    They are not very good about holding/picking bags neither I asked for a special Bal bag and received a leather that was very diffrent from what I requested so need to be careful if you buy nonreturnable items in they do ship very quickly!
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with LVR! Such unnecessary stress for nothing. :sad: Unfortunately, unless your local currency is the Euro, you'll probably lose some money coz of the exchange rates as well.

    Have you tried eBay? A lovely PFer has a blanc paddy on auction at the moment!! ;)
  5. Wow, what a nightmare. I hope that you were never charged for the bag. It doesn't sound like LVR is conscious of customer satisfaction.
  6. That's terrible! I hate bad customer service like that.

    I was going to mention the Blanc Paddy that's on eBay at the moment but leanbeanee beat me to it. If you look in the "eBay finds" thread you will find a link to it. It's beautiful, and maybe it will take your mind off this bad experience. Shopping is the best therapy. ;)
  7. That totally stinks. I've ordered from them once and didn't have any issues but now I'm hearing horror stories and would think twice about ordering from them again. Good look on your paddington search.
  8. I"m sorry to hear about all your trouble. They have nice stuff, but after hearing so many horror stories that PF'ers had, I'll never purchase anything from them. They don't have any customer service at all!!!:tdown:
  9. Yes, ditto on that Blanc paddy on ebay (one of our lovely members, too!). You couldn't go wrong with her bag, AND it's under retail.
  10. Oh my gosh, MAJOR UPDATE on the situation! I had recently recieved a new email from lvr, here's what it states:

    I regret their has been a grave error in mistaken identity and I sent you a string of emails that was not intended for you. (I have many clients with similar last names and handbags, this was my oversight.)

    Your Blanc Paddington is here and will be shipped out in tomorrow’s shipment with Federal Express delivery. (I took most of the day piecing together which client had what order)

    You will NOT be charged the SHIPPING charges – this money we will release back to Paypal.

    You have been very kind and patient in all of your correspondence. I honestly regret my oversight.

    I am so happy and I can't believe this turn of events! :yahoo:
    Thanks everybody for your support, and I can't wait till my bag comes! :heart:

  11. ... all's well that ends well! Hope it's wonderful! Please post pics!!!
  12. Congrats!!! What a story!!!!
  13. Glad it all worked out for you!
  14. Yay - glad it worked out after all. Post pictures when you get her!
  15. Glad to hear it worked out :smile: