My Story Will Be On Monday's Newspaper!


Jul 16, 2006
Hi, everybody. This is an update for my previous post "STOLEN VEHICLE WAS RECOVERED BUT I WASN'T NOTIFIED, NOW THEY WANT $2,000??".

The ending is, we made a deal with tow company for $1,000 to get my car, so now I have my car back. Due to Philadelphia Daily News' help, currently someone works at Wilmington Mayor's office is checking with city attorney to see if they can get my money back.

My story will run on Monday's PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS. I will get a copy and post the story if anybody is interested in.

We made hundreds of phone calls to both Philadelphia and Wilmington Police Department during the past week. The whole experience so far is, Wilmington police is very helpful and nice, but Phila. police is just very rude and unprofesstional.
I will continue contacting some other media. I will keep everybody posted. Thanks again, Ladies!
Nov 8, 2006
So glad that you got the car back and hopefullly they can get u the cash back too

$$ and Publicity!

so sad to hear that the philadelphia police isn't being helpful about things... it doesn't help the rap about the city being dangerous etc.... =(

post the story here when you get a copy!!


Dec 27, 2005
I am so happy to hear the paper is doing a story. Hopefully it may lead to a news cast. Do you have those news people that help people with problems. I know one station I watch -have no idea what channel called "help me Howard". Maybe contacting a news station that has a help for consumers might also get your money back. You don't deserve to have to pay a dime to them. It's like ransom for your car.