my story today and a question about the chain!

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  1. Today I went to Saks and they have 2 light beige jumbos (which i have been looking for and longing for!!). I was so excited and i was ready to pay! However, the floor sample had the two sides puffed out a little bit (I hate to see cavier jumbo flaps have their sides puffed outta shape), and the other one had some "mark" on the bag. By "mark" I mean, it looks like the maker didnt it well so there are some wrinkles on the right corner of the bag.

    one common problem is that the chain cannot go smoothly through the holes because the connection of the leather was thicker than elsewhere. i'm wonder IF ALL THE JUMBOS CHAIN ARE LIKE THAT?? Please enlighten me!!! you girls think I should by the one with little "wrinkles"?? or i should wait...........

    the SA said none of the bags is perfect, but i am going to spend over $3000 on a bag and i expect the bag to be perfect!!

    Please help me out...............your efforts are greatly appreciated!!
  2. I think a bag should be perfect for that kind of money.I also think CHanel quality has declined this year notably.
    However..if u REALLLLY love a bag and the only one around has a small defect u can accept..then maybe u can accept that
    Personally..I wouldnt accept a damaged bag.Chanel keeps increasing the price yet the quality is declining.

  3. thanks for replying!! I totally agree..their quality is just dropping down drasticly. Do you know anything about the chain? I remember i tried the jumbo black last month in bloomingdales, and the chain has no problem going through the holes. Also, my m/l flap's chain works smoothly!
  4. I have flaps in every size and have no issue with any of the chains...sounds like a defective bag!
  5. Got it..thanks very much!
  6. Seems like that chain is defective as none of mine have similar problems. I would not pay that much for a Chanel with issues that come with the handbag you saw.
  7. Thanks for replying..I have decided not to go for it in Saks..