My story of addiction....

  1. Hello everyone. My name is D and I am an LV addict. It has only been a month and my addiction is starting to get the best of me. My last purchase was January 20th, 2007. I have been LV free for 1 day. My first purchase was on Dec. 22nd, 2006-the LV mono pochette and cles. After that on January 6th, 2007, I purchased the white multicolore bandeau. My addiction has gradually progressed since then. Yesterday I was at my worst (or best?)...I received my leopard and mono scarf in the mail, then immediately felt the need get more. I went to my local LV boutique and purchased the Damier pochette, Damier cles, denim flat pouch(which I still need a wapity strap for), and silver Miroir pochette (I didn't have any intention of buying this but it was there...staring at me, I didn't know what else to do-and am still unsure of whether to keep it). I think I need to be put on a ban as it would probably be the best for my health and my wallet. I put full blame for my addiction to this forum--yes you...all of those enablers out there that have been such a bad influence to me. I really, really need to stop. I should probably head over to the "Are you on a ban?" thread...because that is where I belong. Depicted below are my guilty pleasures.
    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg
  2. your miroir pochette is tdf!!!
  3. Congrats, D! You did really for with your first time addiction. Love them all. Welcome to the dark side! :devil:

  4. LOL!! ITA!!!!!
  5. I don't think you are ever going to recover from your LV addiction!!! So sad.... :sad: ;)

    Congrats!!! (I think I want a Damier pochette, too!!!)
  6. :lol: :lol:
  7. keep everything you have and get the wappity strap and you need an azur pochette...
  8. GORGEOUS stuff!!! CONGRATS. but i feel your pain. i broke my ban...with a wapity today....cant wait. but if you get too much too soon it doesnt mean as much and does feel like you spend enough time with each peice adoring be on a ban and welcome to the LV addicts of the world. I ADORE LV and try and find ways to hate them... but maybe wait a bit for the next piece until ou start dreamin LV and then only then buy another!:yahoo:
  9. Dreaming about your next purchase means you are totally addicted!
  10. Well, look at it this way, at least you have acknowledged your addiction;) . Now sit back, relax, enjoy your fabulous purchases and make a list of what to get next...:cutesy: February perhaps???

    what you should have done was bought one a week so it's stretched out. lol.

    this board is baaaaad. seriously there are things i thought i hated that i am now OBSESSED with (hello azur speedy)
  12. Great stuff..
  13. congrats on your new things! isn't tpf the best??
  14. Nice stuff. It's too late to stop now.
  15. I keep thinking about the azur pochette that I saw yesterday....I may have to go back this upcoming weekend. :shame: