My Story For the Day: LV SHOWOFFS

  1. Today in school, one of the "popular" students came up to me and asked me about my LV Reporter bag. Then she turned around and showed me her new Azur Speedy and said:

    "Do you think it's cute?"

    I was about to say "yes" but she cut me off and said

    "It cost me a large fortune!"

    And then she smiled and walked away, swinging her bag and carrying it on her wrist instead of her shoulder to show it off even more.

  2. i dont know many people who can carry a speedy on their shoulder. its meant to be a hand held bag. go easy on the girl she was excited.
  3. Yeah I know, but you should have seen her attitude lol.
  4. School life & real life are two different places. Once snotty girl gets out there in the world, life will take her down a few pegs.
    You just hang in there & be yourself.
  5. lol! Just let her get on with it!!! x Its sad that she feels she has to come up to you to show it off!
  6. Skinny girls in high school probably can! (I cant..)
  7. Not many people can carry a speedy on their shoulder. Maybe your arm is much smaller than hers is! Look on the bright side, at least she wasn't sporting an ugly fake....and, "popular" girl was taking notice of you, even if she did act snotty
  8. Not sure about you but speedy on the shoulder she has to be one tiny gal. Its a handbag not meant for the shoulder.:shrugs:

  9. Isnt that the truth...:yes:
  10. Oh, I think she was just being Also, the speedy isn't meant to be carried on the shoulder. I say it's no big deal........just let her be. She seems to have been happy with her new bag!
    I'm sure if I were your ages and still in school I'd probably be very happy with a new LV too and would have been showing it off as I was on the dance team and we were such 'show-offs' back then. My how time changes you....for the better .....LOL
  11. Too bad she needed to express herself by being snotty. I'd just ignore her.
  12. Kids are gonna be kids....
  13. she will get her day when she starts to swim with the big sharks....don't let it get to you. it will bite them in the butt one day.
  14. It sounds like she's a bit arrogant about her bag, I would just let it go though. When you have a new Louis to show her, show her as well but do it like the lady you are, maybe she'll learn a thing or two.
  15. you should have told her "mine too!"