My story and I need your reply ..please

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  1. i'd prefer cartier over chanel when it comes to watches. but the J12 sure is pretty.
  2. Like Mon said, seems like the ones who post that they are trying to decide between the J12 and other designer brands always post they wish they'd bought the J12. I love my white J12 w/ diamond bezel. I did not worry if the J12 was classic or if it would retain its value or if it was trendy. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and a year later I made the purchase. I also own a Rolex, my second one. No it did not retain all of its value, I had to sell my first one for less than I paid for it. Truthfully designer watchs are not an investment, so go with your heart.
  3. I know I posted in the other thread, but since there is the story here I'll post here too :smile:

    I think you should get the j12 if you truly love it. IMO its a modern classic, and has been going strong for 6+ years. I highly doubt they will ever go on sale, and if anything will keep increasing in price. I have bought 5 j12s in the last year, a couple were gifts, 3 for myself and they all still look brand new. I am currently wearing the 38mm white with diamond bezel. I was kind of iffy about a white band but once I put it on, it was love and I have never looked back. Not a scratch on it and I take it everywhere and do everything while wearing it.

    Before I turned to Chanel I was a Rolex and Patek girl, while those are great watches the j12 just has a charm to it and I have never felt that way about any other watch in my collection. I hope you get your j12!
  4. I was on the fence about a Cartier or a J12 once too.......I went with the J12 and have never regretted the choice. To me it is a classic watch, with a modern feel to it.

    Return the Cartier if you can and get the J12. I loved the J12 so much, I got one in black and one in white...I wear them all the time and they still look brand new!!!

  5. Personally I think as a student you have A LOT of watches already (me being a student as well). I dont change watches often. I have a black Rado watch and a pink rolex but I wear my Rado daily and the Rolex for special events. If you like both, I suggest selling the other watches that you seldom use to help fund the J12. If I remember correctly, you have 4 Fendi watches. I dont know how well you bond with your watches but I personally wont need more than about 4 watches total=) hope this helps and good luck!
  6. I agree completely.
  7. [​IMG][/quote]

    Your watch is my dream :tup: This white J12 and the black j12 with red ruby instead of diamond.