My story and I need your reply ..please

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  1. I have been waiting to buy a Chanel J12 in white with diamond inside instead of number loads but after thinking and thinking so I ended up buying a Cartier Pasha. As I am a student and have not much money for something considering luxury fashion especially a watch so I choose a classic Cartier for 2910 GB (around$ 5800). The J12 one is approx 2450 GB ( $4900). Now I begin to want a J12 again :crybaby:. I rarely use a cartier and I always wear my Chanel Chocolat more often. I will try to save more now and wishing I the price of J12 will not increase anytime soon.

    Normally, I am not a fan of classic thing. I always buy fashion watches. I rarely own expensive watches. I'm considering J12 as a fashion watch and the price is too much for something fashion.

    Do you think J12 will be on sale one day? As I found some Chanel watches are on sale and I ever saw a few J12 on sale too. Any ideas?

    You think I should or shouldn't get a new J12 watch? as it costs me a lot and I do own many watches now.

    Here is what I got with me now:

    A fendi zipcode
    A Alter-Ego Tag Heuer
    A Chanel Chocolat
    A Cartier pasha seatimer
    A Rolex ( I will give it to my sis soon as I never be a fan of Rolex)
    2 Dior Malice watches with loads of interchangable straps
    2 Moschino watches
    4 Gucci watches

    Any ideas?? I will stop to buy bags and saving up for a watch now. Do you think is it too much? I have not much money. Money is still the matter. Thank you!

    Thank you very much and every reply is much appreciate. :idea:
  2. I have found Chanel watches on sale at lot of women buy their Fendi bags from there as well and they are legit.
  3. If its still on your mind, then you should get it. Its a gorgeous watch. I considered it too, but went with a Cartier as well and have the white ceramic technomarine. J12 will probably never go on sale.
  4. :yes: Yesterday I went to Harrods and try on a J12 again with my Pasha on another wrist but J12 looks more stunning. :crybaby::crybaby:

    PS: Technomarine in Pink ceramic is great too.

    here the pic of my watch and J12 that I am dying to have.


  5. I prefer Cartier so I personally wouldn't get a new J12 watch.
  6. I prefer the Cartier too.
  7. I agree. I think the cartier is stunning.
  8. It seems everyone who was considering a J12 and something else, that went with something else have come here to post they wish they had gotten the J12. I'm thrilled with my two J12's! I think you should get the J12 if that's what you really want.
  9. OMG!
    The J12 is TDF!!!!
  10. I love the J12, but you keep stressing that you have no money. Do you really feel ready to drop $5K on a new watch right after you got another very expensive watch? Would you feel guilty about it? I don't feel right about encouraging you to get the J12 at this point unless you really feel you can afford it without agonizing.
  11. OMG...both are gorgeous. But if I have the $$$, I would go for the Cartier since I don't have one.:heart:
  12. :yes: Yeah! You really understand me :tup:
  13. I agree with nerdphanie. I must say though, as a student (I'm assuming undergraduate), you have ALOT of expensive watches. :graucho: Much more than I could afford when I was a student. The only watch I had was a vintage Charles Jourdan watch from my mom. You're very fortunate to be able to enjoy luxury items while still in school (to already own a Rolex!)
    In a situation where money is tight, I would reconsider buying that J12 and enjoy what you have. Unless you aren't satisfied with your Pasha, then return the Pasha and use the money to get the J12.

    But if you're already hesitant in dropping $5K, then it's time for good decision making. We all want to swim in Chanel watches, Hermes Birkins and Kellys, Christian Louboutin shoes.. but that doesn't make us mature and grown up, it's the decisions we make. just IMHO! :rolleyes:
  14. I can not comment.
    I don't like watches. I don't like how they feel on my wrist. BF bought me a Techno Marine for XMAS and I was not impressed, I hate it.. I hurt his feelings..
    sorry I don't like watches..
    But if I did it sure would be the J12...
    Can you take back the cartier and get the j12- or do you want both ?
  15. I prefer Cartier watches. :heart: and Cartier Jewlery.