My story about an obnoxious lady and LV.....

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  1. Today I went to my cousin's bridal shower. It was lovely, until a friend of my cousin's fiancee sat across from my mom and me.
    I was speaking to another cousin about handbags as she knows my love for them. I was telling her about my recent purchases and LV came up.
    This woman (She was no lady)... and let me describe her for you, but you've all seen them... very thin, about 60yo, dressed in very expensive designer suit (way overdressed for this casual shower, mind you) dripping in diamonds and gushing about all her money and investments and hired help.
    She had to be a part of every conversation and interrupted incessantly.

    She chimes in when she hears me say LV. Now, if someone is talking about LV and has a smile on their face, which I most certainly did:yes: , would you be so rude to say something derogatory???If you were Miss Priss High Society Lady you would!
    She says " Oh, LV, well one of my husband's clients buys me a hangbag every holiday and when he bought me LV, I gave it to the cleaning lady". :Push: Then she made a racial comment about the type of people she thinks carry LVs (my stomach turns thinking about it, so very,very sad).:sad: She then said " Cheap vinyl crap, I would not be caught dead with it!". I did not hear this last part bc my cousin and I were still reeling from her racial comment. My mom told me this later.
    My mom quick witted old gal that she is spoke for me bc I am not a confrontative person and am usually so shocked when people speak so disrespectfully, I am speechless.
    Mom said, bless her heart, without missing a beat, "You need a new cleaning lady this Christmas? " HA!:nuts:
    I love my mom! Shut her right up. We all went on talking and ignored her or tried to.
    Wanted to share, sorry for the length!:shame:
  2. ugh...two words..battle ax!
  3. What a snotty b****! I bet a dollar she isn't is rich as she makes herself out to be either. Usually the people who act like that aren't.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:lol love the story!!!! that lady is so mean!! i'm glad your mom said something. i wouldnt know what to say in a situation like that.
  5. I met someone like that today lol some people just have no class even if they are encrusted with diamonds!
    pics fixed btw!

  6. Ugh! I can't stand people like that who think they are better than everyone else!!! She must be VERY insecure IMO!! Good for your Mom!!! :smile:
  7. RUDE and just goes to prove you money can't buy you everything, sure didn't buy her any classiness!:cursing:
  8. That hag obviously has issues - good for your mom!
  9. Well said.
  10. I can't tolerate ppl like that. I'm always looking for an exit.:Push: :throwup:
  11. agreed!!! some people just feel like they need to say whatever they want when ever they want and not think twice about it!
  12. :yes:

    Some people are just so ignorant. Don't pay attention to her, and don't waist your time and energy on her. Horrah for your MOM!
  13. Ugh, what a horrible woman! I shudder at how some people age and get so CROTCHETY and thoughtless!!
  14. Lol.
  15. Oh my gosh!!!! Good for your mom for not losing her cool by saying something funny and witty instead of strangling that awful woman!:yes: