My Stomach Still Swirling!

  1. I just spent 30 minutes going through all the "Prada" handbag listings on eBay with new, leather bags. :throwup:

    Some of the fakes of the new Fall '06 bags are pretty scary as to getting the details nearly right. Some were down right laughable!! Especially the orange Gauffre frame bag. ORANGE????:roflmfao:

    I saw some pretty pathetic looking "MJ" bags too. :hysteric:

    I feel SO SORRY for the innocent victims of these crapola sellers. Some of these sellers don't even seem to know what they are selling for that matter, which is almost worse than those that do.

    As God is my witness, I saw ONE real Prada listed out of over 600 listings. For handbag shopping, Ebay is sooooooooooo bad any more.:cursing:
  2. Its coming to a point where I cant stand ebay... I just sold an AUTH bag and it was pulled???!?! Also, all the fakes are allowed to get away with their listings??
  3. Prada - why'd you change your avatar? I liked doggie. Anyhoo - I can't say I've ever cruised ebay for handbags... but that's a pretty bad ratio, 600:1.

    I am just an ebay hater, period. Evil.
  4. Just keep reporting them! I try and report at leat 50 every morning and in the afternoon another 50 or so. I should be working, but ya know, my priorities are a bit screwed up lately!
  5. ^^^I do that as often as possible too. However, I didn't have time to do 600 of them today, unfortunately.:hysteric:

    I noticed a lot of the sellers with these Pradas also had Chanel, Fendi and Balenciaga listed. Safe to assume those are fakes too, but I don't know those bags at all, so unless I know FOR SURE it's fake, I won't report them.
  6. ^same here! I report as much as I can, esp. on those bags that have a lot of bids.
  7. I've tried reporting but Ebay does nothing! and some poor gal gets conned. even the super lousy fakes don't get pulled! I figure ebay's just interested in earning their seller's fees. :yucky:
  8. I'l bookmark and report bags and check back- often ebay does nothing.
    I do think that a lot of these buyers are knowingly buying the fakes.
  9. I hate ebay period. It's such a hassel for anything these days. My mom is always nagging me to sell my extra junk on ebay, but it's just not worth my time or effort.
  10. Dido, I really don't get how Ebay pulled my listing when i even put a pic just for the receipt to back up the authencity, but let those 60 bucks fake LV, Chanel, or 100 for a set of Tiffany cheating on buyers:hrmm: It's really annoying to go through all the communicatings to clear up, and it really mess up my listings that's target for a specific holiday. Not to mention all the tarnish to my reputation when Ebay pull my listing that's on buyer's watchlist >"<