My stomach hurts from all the stress...

  1. I am stressing sooooooooo badly right now. I know that it might seem so little and trivial to some, but this is really a big life-changing thing for me. So here it goes....

    I work for a pretty large company and right now I am only part time in a job that I absolutely DESPISE. I dread going to work everyday, but I am stuck because our bills would go haywire if I quit and I have 3 boys to support and a large house payment every month. I have waited 3 months on this list to be able to take a typing test for this company. Basically if you can type 50 WPM, you have a great chance of getting employed full time into a job that pays extremely well. Not many people who are employed with this company can type that I am one of them.:s

    I have practiced and practiced and practiced to the point of where I am sick of typing tests! My test is tomorrow and I am already feeling like a failure because every test I take is 46 WPM or 47 WPM or 48 WPM. It is really frustrating. I just cannot get it up to 50. To make matters worse, I am doing those tests online and the real test tomorrow is having to type from a piece of I am going to have to look to the side to read the paper and I am scared I will lose my place when typing. We have only 2 tries to pass. Both are 5 minutes long. If you do not pass within the 2 tests..that is failed and cannot take another typing test for 3 months.

    The reason I am stressing so badly is because my stepmother works there and basically said that if I pass tomorrow there is a job with my name on it. I can have the job if I can pass. I need this job so bad it is not even funny but everytime I type and my score is less than 50WPM I get so discouraged. I dont know what to do, but I am just at a loss. I need this......

    So sorry for the rant, but I just had to get it out. My nerves have gotten the best of me and I just had to vent since no one else is here other than my boys.

    Thank you so much if you have made it this far....
  2. Don't stress!

    In the end, you will do the best you can, and that's all you can do. If they like you enough, they aren't going to turn away because you typed 49 instead of 50.

    And if this job doesn't work out, there WILL be another opportunity out there. I believe everything happens for a reason. So if this job doesn't happen for you, something else will. I promise!

    Get some rest and knock 'em dead tomorrow!
  3. Oh I wish! They are very by the book and it HAS to be 50 WPM or above in order to pass. I thought the same thing until I asked and they said..nope..has to be at least 50 to pass. So even 49 would not be good enough. :sad:
  4. Well then ... if it doesn't happen, it isn't meant to be. But that is NOT the end of the world and I STILL believe that something better will come your way if this job doesn't work out!
  5. I completely agree. Don't make yourself sick with stress- one company's 50WPM is another company's 45WPM, so you will find something that's suited for you!
  6. If you dont pass, at least you can try again in 3 months.

    I learned to type really fast by talking to people on AIM. Do you have that?

    Also, when I was little, my Dad use to make me type a full page from a chapter book. He would prop the book up and make me type without looking at the keyboard. This has really helped me.

    So dont stress out too bad. Otherwise you might bomb the test because you are so worried!! Just relax and get a good nights rest. If it doesnt work out, I'm sure it will in 3 months!
  7. Try not to stress too much! Relax and take a deep breath and go to sleep if you can! I always believe that everything that happens, good or bad, will work itself out. Don't lose hope but don't lose your sleep or health over it. If you stress to the point of your stomach literally hurting (not sure if u were being literal but...) then that's not good for your health and your health is always most important, so that you can work and provide for your family. Every day has enough troubles and worries. Take it one day at a time.
  8. Well, I know exactly what you are going through. I am a court reporter. In order to work in the state I live in we have to pass a certification test at 225 WPM. I have THE WORST test anxiety in the world. I literally took my certification test at least 15 times, no kidding. Every time I'd take it I'd sweat and get all nervous. If I thought I was doing well I'd trip myself up and screw up. A lot of my classmates had the same problem.

    So I can totally relate to the stress you feel. Some people I knew took Xanax or a beta blocker called Inderal to help with nerves or had a drink. I ended up passing without any meds though. But I just had to keep at it. So just go in there and try not to worry about it too much and let it come naturally. I know it's easier said than done, but if you happen not to pass, just keep trying.

    And most importantly, good luck!
  9. hmm fold the piece of paper in half and put it in front of your monitor to save time moving your head left/right to look at it? also what i usually get during tests/exams is a kick of adrenaline that gives me better results than when i am only practising...maybe it will be the same for you? GOOD LUCK ! :tup:
  10. I just found this post, please let us know how it went for you!
  11. put yourself into some sort of hypnotic typing transe. let those fingers fly!

    a cup of coffee might help, but not if it makes you jittery
  12. yea, how'd it go?
  13. Well.................I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51 WPM. I passed just barely, but it is a pass! I cannot believe it! It took a few minutes to register while I heard the results, but I am just so elated! Time to celebrate! Thank you so much for all your well wishes and prayers and support! They mean the world to me. I dont know what I would do without all my friends at tPF! *HUGS*
  14. Yay!! Congrats!!!!