my stolen mj stam pic

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  1. i wanted you all to know that we need to be more careful about posting our pics on the thread. my mj stam pics were stolen and posted on an ebay auction. 6885706749 :mad:
    i've reported to ebay and contacted the seller, as well as the bidder.
    there are defiinitely scammers lurking in here. :devil:
    so please everyone be careful.
    i learned the hard way. :noggin:
  2. Thank you for posting that. People have told me to always watermark the photos.
  3. I'm so sorry about the photo theft, esile.

    Unfortunately watermarking pictures isn't even enough these days. I had a Balenciaga hobo bag listed on eBay recently, and despite the fact that my photos were watermarked with my user ID right across the middle of them, one of them was stolen and used in another auction.
  4. Hey Esile, thanks for reminding everybody about this problem. The nerve of these "people" (rip-off artists)! Funny thing is I saw this last night and thought that the bag in the photo looked genuine...but if so, why have a BIN for $700.00?...and what a bogus story about carrying shoes in it (wrapped of course)! :yucky:
  5. That really stinks!
  6. fortunately, the auction is gone. yay!
  7. That really stinks!

    That happened to me after Christmas when I sold a Coach Patchwork tote. I took about 15 pictures of it, and someone had the nerve to copy EVERY SINGLE THING in my auction. I reported them to eBay, and 5 minutes later the auction was taken down.

    Ever since then, I watermark the photos that would be worth anything to a scammer
  8. Thanks for sharing....
  9. the nerve!!! i hate fakers...
  10. w-a-t-e-r-m-a-r-k your pictures, always!
  11. Just recently some fruit stole my LV Dersou pictures straight from the front page. ***** took them down once I sent him an email.
  12. ugh, esile! i'm sorry to hear that happened... and i can't believe it's someone from tPF that stole your pix!
    i watermark pretty much everything but i hate how it detracts from the photo. :yucky:
  13. Definitely scammers are lurking on here, so please be extra careful and watermark your pictures. Maybe include a little post-it note like iluvbags does and also add a watermark.:shrugs: